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  1. Yes, you should. Seriously, they're solid little wheelies for about half the scratch needed to own an S&W. Double-action pull's a bit of a bear, and I wouldn't recommend an entire hour of shooting full .357 loads, but it's got enough mass that you won't kill your wrist after a dozen rounds. Stick to .38's and single action at the range and it'll love you LONG time.
  2. Shoulda gotten the .40 S&W PX4 full - fifteen rounds, no waiting.
  3. Here's my EAA Windicator short-snout .357, a/k/a "Missy" (after the lady who inspired me to become a gun owner - and yes, she herself owns a Colt Python wheelie!). In this picture, she'd just came back from the Bullet Hole range, and was mighty happy that Daddy tried out those new stick-on bullseye targets...
  4. If Ray Ray's Bayonne residency makes him the King (or Queen...), I nominate myself to be the Court Jester.
  5. Speaking of toys, thanks for letting me try out the Guv'ner the other night.
  6. Well, it took almost half a year, but... Yep, it's the PX4 in .40 caliber. And in this case, the "S&W" stands for "Sweet and Wonderful." "It will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine." - Wayne Campbell, WAYNE'S WORLD
  7. Full size Beretta PX4. It's not only MY favorite .40... ...it's also my cat's favorite .40!
  8. Man, if I'm gonna pay seven bills for ANY handgun, it's gonna be a big honkin' hunk of .357 steel along the lines of an S&W 686. My ISSC M22 cost a bit over $300 new, and that for me was a more than fair price for a target/plinking handgun. Yeah, if I was shooting competitively, seven large for a super-competitive .22 probably wouldn't be unrealistic -- but right now I ain't, so it is. I think, too, in the case of the 617, it's got the high price tag BECAUSE it's an S&W. It's kind of like bitching that a Mercedes costs a year's salary.
  9. Might, might. Just came back from there tonight, put April and Erin (my Ruger SR9 and ISSC M22, respectively) through their paces. April's got a new LaserLyte rear sight that needs some alignment, so...
  10. Does anyone know the status of Bayonne on Sundays? 'Cuz I went by today around noon and they were closed.
  11. Might be there. Run a few rounds through the 9mm and the new .22...
  12. Point taken, PB. Maybe I shoulda said lighter-weight, but I'm not gonna quibble over semantics. Bottom line is that shooting the 60 b****-slapped my shooting hand, and shooting the 686...didn't. At the end of the day, it just gave me an idea of what I would and wouldn't want to own and fire on a regular basis.
  13. Oh my brother, testify. I got to play with a Px4 this week (as well as several other hand cannons: see here for the gory details), and it has (you'll pardon the pun!) shot to the top of my "I Need That Gun" list.
  14. So I was over at Gun for Hire last Wednesday for the NJ2AS meeting (which was an eye-opener in and of itself), and before the meeting started I had a chance to test-fire a few handguns I'm considering as future purchases. Here's my review: Glock 27 (.40 S&W) Being a current .45 owner, I was curious to see how a .40 compared, plus I always wanted to try out one of Gustav Glock's li'l toys (despite my best friend HATING Glocks). This G27 came with both the stock eight-round mag plus a full size thirteen-rounder (less grip extender). One box of ammo later, I concluded that I can shoot a Glock pretty well, both stronghand and isosceles, but the combination of small frame plus hefty powder charge didn't do my right hand any favors. Were I to "Glock out" in .40 mode, I'd probably opt for a G22 or G23 initially, but would consider a 27 as a future backup/babygun. Beretta PX4 (9mm) Oh. My. God. I think I'm in love. It looks good, it feels good, and as Ray Ray can attest, the trigger pull is one of the smoothest and lightest I've ever felt. Yes, shooting a 9 is easier coming off a .40, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a primo sidearm. I know I can get some good deals on lightly-used G23's, but saving up for a PX4 in .40 caliber is a serious option. S&W Model 60 (.357) Five-round, snub-nosed, light-frame Magnum wheelie. Now, I shot a friend's Colt Python in the past, and handled it fairly well, so I figured the 60 would be more of the same. Unh-uh. Jesus Christ, this thing kicked my shooting hand in the a** worse than the baby Glock. Next! S&W Model 686 (.357) Oh blessed relief! This beefy six-shooter has a MUCH heftier frame than the 60, and absorbed enough of the .357 cartridge's whoomp to make firing it punchy but manageable. Even in a snubby format, I was punching decently tight patterns with this puppy. If and when I opt for a wheel gun, this 'un is a serious candidate.
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