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  1. i fixed my post yes pistol grip adjustable stock he said is a no no; give them a call see whats up your a dealer correct?
  2. i said its not adjustable re read! and ya i was talkin to ray cause he didnt believe me fugg it ima buy a pistol grip non adjustable
  3. They had told me that in new jersey a semi auto shotgun as the benelli m4 can have a pistol grip stock as long as its not adjustable... i was told this by two people there. they have it hanging up right above a saiga 12 center show rack for 1535.00 was talking to ray ray and we both were wondering the total legality of this as per rules.. if this is true i will buy a non adjustable pistol grip for my m4 asap! Rob
  4. yo if you people have a friggin problem with me say it dont be a weakling **** and friggin put negative ratings all over everything i post!
  5. Ya Ray its coming... p.s. who the hell gave me a -1 for posting my picture? thats fucked up jealousy!
  6. Bello

    My New Love!

    Thanks bryan if you ever head out my way or what not hit me up well go shoot it
  7. Bello

    My New Love!

    Benelli M4 Field Stock.
  8. when i sweep up my brass i sweep better then i ever swept my house before
  9. i definitely like the nebo light for what its got going on.. wonder how rigorous duty it will hold up
  10. just another real life bs show i think its lame.
  11. now you need a bullet feeder and your straight!
  12. blue kool-aid aka dillon precision fanboy
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