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  1. Agree, they work very well. Since we are restricted to the blocked PMAG which we cannot take apart, these are great alternative. I bought them at the Oaks gun show 2 for $25. Too bad they only come in black.
  2. Picked up 12 today. He said he has 50 left and someone will be picking up 35 later. Slim picking, but still good quality. He will not be getting anymore as I was told.
  3. I rented similar set of guns when I was new to the sport three years ago at Shore Shot. I learned not to rate the guns based on the rentals. I rented a Glock 17, XD9, M&P9, and Sig 226. Their guns did not shoot well and I think they were not well maintained. Afterwards, I tried some forum members gun of same make and model and it was like night and day. I highly recommend the M&P9.
  4. Any updates if they have them in stock? I inquired mtnarmory which shows on their web page fully stock with 100+ pmags, but they have none, web page error.
  5. Brings back memories. I have a 2K shoe box shocker 4x4. Top of the line those days.
  6. Even before the re-election, prices of ammo wasn't good. At best it was on-line pricing. The last show, I bought a case of ammo and some jerky, just to not leave empty handed. The best expectation is to browse and you may buy something.
  7. Noticed you ordered the generate black dog magazines. They are not the x-form type that comes with the conversion kit. But at $10.00 less, are they any good?
  8. The deals are close to on-line. The last show, PMC 223 1000 rds $330 and Aguila for $315. Make sure to shop around and ask if tax is included. Some vendors add tax on top of the sticker price which makes it not a decent deal.
  9. Are you saying, I can buy it as long as I don't have the complete lower in my possession? I can keep the lower strip, no possession of lower parts kit till the upper is fixed to compliant, then it's legal?
  10. What about AR upper receiver group with a evil part like flash hider? Can I take it home and then have it fixed locally (muzzle brake)? Any issue transporting the upper receiver with the evil part home?
  11. does it need to be pinned and weld to be compliant? or is it shipped fixed
  12. I am from the same township. They are confuse with their own policy. Their web site indicates : Fingerprinting is necessary for: •First time applicants •Applicants who have a South Brunswick Firearms ID Card but have not had activity on their firearms account for over 2 years •Change of Address or lost/stolen ID Card Based on requirement two, you do not need new prints the next time since you just had activity on your firearms account if you apply for more ppp within 2 years of last activity.
  13. Shore Shot might not have the greatest deal. But factor in the 3 1/2 percent sales tax and the free range time on day of purchase works for me. Nice purchase.
  14. Next time, still request for the ammo. The register will ring up the discounted price, it is pre-programmed. This happened to me at Dicks in Princeton, they had no sales sign up and the saleman claim it wasn't on sale.
  15. First gun show for me. I was there just before the door open. Waited only 15 minutes. It was a good experience. Prices were average. Didn't want to leave empty handed so picked up 2000 rounds of ammo, couple of magazines, a cheap holster and few plactic spy knives.
  16. I'm second in line for the mags, and third in line for the guide rod if available. I'll take them and can meet up at your home range.
  17. Those mags are made by Mec Gar and are made in Italy. Bry@n referenced the guy above going to Greg for the 229-1 mags. I'm sure he meant no harm in the sale thread.
  18. I'm not sure if this topic has been addressed and could not find it on a search. Whenever you buy a rifle or handgun at a dealer, you are require to fill out the ATF 4473 form. The portion that is optional is the SS#. Do you normally complete this portion or leave it blank. With all the identity theft, is it better to leave it blank? Does it affect completing your purchase transaction if left blank? The reason this came up is that at one gun shop, the person expected that I left it blank..He already told the NICs the SS# was not available.
  19. Why is S&B ammo not allowed? This is Sellier & Bellot ammo you are referring to right? Do they consider it bad grade ammo? Any other strict rule I need to know if I want to visite there?
  20. I submitted my application for 3 pp on 12/1. One of my reference received the referral notice. The other reference did not receive anything. Is it too soon to ask them to send another notice to my second reference? Don't want to be a pain that they put me on the bottom of the pile.
  21. I'll run over to Dicks in East Brunswick to see if I can get that Marlin deal. I tried for ammos when their web site posted different ammo deals and they wouldn't honor it.
  22. This special pricing does not apply to the great state of NJ. It only apply to other states like Pa. On their web site sales are different per location.
  23. I have a similar situation. My father-in-law passed away and my mother-in-law wants to give me his handgun. She will get the court papers that she now owns the handgun. She lives on the otherside of the river, NYC. Can she drive it to me and we can go to a ffl together? Her local ffl wants $150 to ship. I have all my paper work. Will the court paper be suffice for the handgun transfer by the local ffl?
  24. References are always required for p2p &/or fid. According to my PD in South Brunswick, the instruction states: NOTE:If you have had a full background check for Firearms ID Card or Permits to Purchase within the last 2 years, no fingerprinting is necessary. Only a fee of $18.00 (Certified Check or Money Order) will be collected with your application. Please call number listed below to see if you qualify for this process. Based on this, they require new prints $60, if over 2 years.
  25. When I sign up, do I get any confirmation or my paypal payment is the confirmation? Looking forward for this class.
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