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  1. Amazon has always collected tax on ebooks. Has something to do with the publisher. Read the fine print.
  2. Never been there. Does Gene sell fmj bullets too, such as montana gold, precision delta, etc?
  3. Good topic. New question. Do you continually keep power to the frig all day? Do you cycle it on and off, say every other hour or so? I'm just thinking about saving more gas, especially day time when lights aren't needed.
  4. Whoops, that's the RIGHT rear side of the slide.
  5. These things have to be clean. You have to clean after at least every 200 rounds, especially the rails as mentioned above. Grease the rails liberally with a good gun grease. The grease seems to work better than oil for these guns. Also there is a little hole at the rear left side of the slide. Put a drop of oil in there every 200 rounds. That hole is for lubricating the extractor. It could also be the mag spring. Maybe in combo with the above. I have over 5000 rnds on one mag, and it is still going strong. I have 2 other mags which I rotate. As also mentioned above, on the sig forum there is are a couple of terrific writeups on how to clean and maintain this pistol. It is notorious for being fickle.
  6. I don't know what kind of pistols you own, but on the Sig forum there is a maintenance folder telling when (round count and time intervals) various parts should be replaced. I am a fairly high round shooter so I have to be careful of such things. Example, if you don't change the recoil spring as specified, it may cause problems because the slide/hood etc will be banging unnecessarly hard into the frame parts, causing them to fail prematurely. If you don't shoot often, this may not be a problem for you. However, certain parts should be replaced at certain intervals even if you don't shoot alot. (Think safe queens). Do some research on this matter to keep yourself informed, but don't get anal about it, after all it's fun!
  7. I keep track of rounds fired, and any failures or maintenance of all my pistols. I don't know how you can do proper maintenance without keeping track of these things. Maintenance is important, isn't it? You gotta know when to change the springs, pins, etc. I also log my reloads. I want to know how many times I fired the brass, and whatever problems I may have encountered so I know when to dump that batch of brass.. I do both on simple spreadsheets. I don't go into a lot of detail; just enough to alert me.
  8. They tunnel, and they make mounds. They destroyed some plants because of it. My lawn looked like a prairie dog town! I now encourage the local cats to visit me. They keep these rodents in check.
  9. Yeah, I had the same problem and this was the only thing that worked.
  10. For the chipmunks: Do a search on chipmunks, 5 gallon bucket, pumpkin seeds.
  11. That 20 something probably has been in more combat fire fights than most people at these ranges. He is obviously qualified or he wouldn't have been hired for the job. Your reference to him with not knowing a thing about him is disrespectful to him, and not in good taste. What safety rules were broken when you were there? I didn't see any that you listed. People practice shooting fast for various reasons. Competition shooting requires it, as well as practicing for self defense. I see nothing wrong with what you witnessed. But to each his own.
  12. Whoops! I was too quick to post, sorry. I see you are reloading rifle brass. I don't reload for rifle and so I don't really know how the rotary or pan would work for you. I differ to the more knowledable members on this one.
  13. How are you getting the corn/litter out now? I don't know what your setup is but you can get one of those cheap plastic rotary jobs that you stick on top of a 5 gallon bucket. You drop the brass and litter into the rotary cage, close it, and spin the handle. All the litter/corn/walnut drops into the bucket. Works very well. There is also a plastic thing that looks like a prospector's gold pan that has holes in the bottom. Same principle; drop the litter and brass into the pan and shake. The rotary gizmo works better and is easier to use.
  14. Windows XP runs fine, except no longer able to go to the home page. Unless the home page has been deactivated? Dom
  15. He was a multi talented individual. Played a lot of different instruments, singer and he could act too. Loved the Last Waltz by Scorseese(sp). So many blues and rock guys played with him and the bands he was in. A great guy. RIP Levon.
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