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  1. I actually sent my final email the other day and that question was included. Maybe ill receive a reply back within a few days or a week lol. I will let you know what they say.
  2. I tried calling multiple times and emailed too. No response. My first email I sent out took them almost 2 months to respond back. The latest email I sent out was 12 days ago. Update: Just received an email today with more information. Thanks for the help and info on here I will definitely be going with EFGA.
  3. Thanks for the information. From what you guys are saying, do you think it's worth investing in a target stand? Lets say the target wires wasn't there. Am I allowed to bring a target stand on the other ranges?
  4. I'm planning to join EFGA soon but I still have a few questions about the range. I tried emailing and calling but I can't get in touch with anyone so I hope you guy don't mind me asking a few questions. I read through all the posts on this thread but still could not find the answers I was looking for. On the main website it did not mention any details about shotguns. Is there a range just dedicated for shotguns only or can I use it on the training range and rifle range? What kind of shotgun ammo can we use? I am used to indoor ranges that only allows me to use slugs but since this is a outdoor range can I use 00 Buckshot and slugs? In the training range do we need to bring our own target stand? On the picture gallery I see there are wood beams in place to hold targets. Is that still there or do I still need to bring my own target stand? I plan on joining some competitions in the future but I need to practice so in the training range will I be able to use it for handgun competition shooting practice such as shooting a bit fast between multiple targets or on a single target? Not rapid fire but more like 1 2 3 quick shots pause then 1 2. Last thing is has anyone used the archery range there? If so can you give me the details on how it is.
  5. Atlantic Tactical in Somerset (732) 377-3297 $45 + $15
  6. I wonder if they still have some at Atlantic Tactical for $599. I was thinking about getting the FNX 45 too. 15 Rounds of .45 hehe.
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