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  1. sold...please delete....thank you
  2. pm replied to both mr.stu and golf battery....thanks.
  3. How about both for $150? that's about one third the price of new.
  4. Starting my pre-moving cleanout, Werner 8 foot, type 1A- 300 lbs., step ladder....$75. Werner 24 foot, type 1-250 lbs., extension ladder with leveling feet.....$125. both homeowner use only, located in Wayne, 07470
  5. Best offer...any offer? I keep tripping over this, would really like to get it out of my way,
  6. I don't think so, might want to call Curt to be sure. CURT Group Headquarters: (877) 287-8634 Product Support: EXT. 3 Customer Service: EXT. 2
  7. Better pictures, previous post
  8. Trail FX, Under rail bed liner. This is dealer installed, out of my 2018 ram 1500, with 6ft 4in bed. Only used a few months. Asking $50.
  9. Curt #14361 , class IV, compatible with 51 Ram models. check Curt website here; https://www.curtmfg.com/part/14361# bought new in 2015, paid $188. asking $50. hitch3.html hitch2.html hitch.html
  10. Hi, I install deck and patio shade structures in northern NJ and lower NY. We need someone to install in south jersey and Philly area, our guy in that area just retired. Our shade systems can be seen at the manufacturer's website; https://www.shadetreecanopies.com/index.asp email me if interested, marzullo@optonline.net thanks, Gino
  11. Check him out on youtube, lot's of video's, will give you a good idea of his teaching style and lecture content. I'm still saving up for mag-40,... almost there.
  12. Several good ideas in this article, http://www.ssusa.org/articles/2015/10/16/the-right-rx-for-aging-eyes/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=insider&utm_campaign=1015
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