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  1. Thanks again sir, nice to meet you!
  2. thank you sir, it was a pleasure
  3. Thanks for the heads up, would be nice if they would allow rimfire for fox
  4. I restored one with this stuff, exact same problem: http://www.flitz.com/p-48-gunknife-care-kit.aspx
  5. Just got the large latch one to accommodate my acog mount. I thought I could get by with the medium but had to go back for the large.
  6. I was wrong, it was Birmingham pistol that had it. It's in again this month for $319. BUT, I couldn't find the deal on the website.http://www.birmingha...oducts/pistols/Let's see if tapatalk let's me post the pic:Wow it worked
  7. J&G had some 5906 trade ins for less than 300 a couple months ago, saw in shotgun news.
  8. DIY with the GE Simon XT, the cheapest monitoring I've seen is for these type of DIY systems and it's $11 a month.
  9. Scored and excellent garand from Dave last week, thanks again sir! Looking forward to working with you again
  10. if anyone needs a custom one, I work for ammo....
  11. i shot one this season, it's a beautiful thing with the accutrigger. clean and crisp break. friend bagged a nice buck on the move with it. i don't get out enough for deer to justify the cost though.
  12. we've got the aerial assault black 3.0, had a problem with the wobbler a couple months ago and they sent us out a new one. no questions or return required. they seem to be a pretty stand-up company if you have a problem. we've been through some batteries, settled on the diehard marine battery.
  13. i have a fox-sterlingworth (philadelphia made) 16ga if you're looking for a potential cash cow. i want to say 1912-1917. i'll never have the time to put into it. i'm not home but I can post pics and specs if you're interested.
  14. cabela's "gunner gloves", best i've owned.
  15. i had this problem on someone's shotty once, there's a choke cleaner that i used to free it. i'll check the name when i get home.
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