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  1. I have a rem 700 that I have the muzzle brake on its not pined and I refuse to pine it because I'm not gonna buy a new brake every year when I replace the barrel so I have mine on with a little locktite and I take it off every now and then to clean it . Nj is so bad with these kinds of things I wanna move just cause of there gun laws and reg
  2. wow i hate jersey so ridiculous, thanks a lot. that really answered all of my questions so ill be pining the stock after i size it and throwing a muzzle brake on that bad boy , what i dont understand is 4 years ago i bought a bushmaster ar 15 from meltzers and it came with a pistol grip and a flash hider so how is that legal or is it not ? and one more question i have a rifle i want to sell were can i have it appraised and sell it ?
  3. hey all im new here to this forum and need some info on my m1a build . im looking to buy a an m1a MA9826 loaded version , what i am unsure about are the nj laws about semi rifle with adjustable with adjustable cheek piece. ive been wanting to get a sage ebr chassis for it but just dont know if it will be legal cause of its features . i think the adjustable stock maybe an issue but its not an ar style rifle . this set up would be best for me because i am of small build so i always have issues with long butts on stocks .
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