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  1. Just finished this build, thinking about the next.
  2. Has anyone been there or know them? Really can't find any info on them on the net. Was thinking of checking them out.
  3. beaniam

    Shore Shot

    Throwing in my 2 cents, get one employee with an attitude and it doesn't matter how cool the others are, you will be turned off to the whole place. Happened to me today. Was ready to purchase a handgun and walked out after hearing this jerkoff making comments under his breath 2 feet away from me. Was a shame the one employee that I started dealing with initially was helpful and cool. I won't be going back.
  4. Yes I tried everything from 1 - 7 rounds. I ordered a wolff spring set, a 10% over mag spring and a mecgar magazine.
  5. Sportsmans Center had a parts mix 1940 marked Luger with some pretty clear Waffen markings that I picked up the other day for $475. I didn't really expect to get to the range and have it function perfect from the little research I had done on them beforehand, but I was hoping for at least one successful magazine run through... I get mostly failure to feeds and a few failure to extracts. Using 115gr cci blazer and american eagle ammo. Sometimes the toggle bar would lock back like an empty mag, sometimes it would stop halfway. I'm trying to hunt down a Mecgar magazine and a Wolff spring pack in stock somewhere to give those a try. It came with a single FXO 37 marked magazine, however the spring feels pretty damn stiff still. Though I really have nothing to compare to. Other than the things mentioned above is there anything else I can do to try and get it more reliable? I'm not looking for a ccw reliable carry piece but being able to get through a full mag from time to time would be nice. Here's some pics.
  6. I believe that is leo only now... could be wrong
  7. Yeah X128 is what I keep calling. Figured calling the PD they'd just tell me to call her.
  8. I moved to New Egypt back in April and on April 30 I went to the Plumstead municipal building to apply for an address change on my FOID and 3 PPP's. Fast forward to today, August 8th and I still do not have them. I've called several times (always goes to voicemail in that department), left a message, and have yet to hear anything back. I have a clean record and my references told me they sent their letters back over a month ago at this point. I'm generally a patient guy but this is really starting to tick me off. If I want to go show up in person and find out what's going on that means I've got to take time off work.
  9. Thanks, another member also offered. Checking out the application now. I'd have to become a member of the NRA as well. Not sure I can afford it right now but I appreciate the chance to check it out.
  10. I recently moved right around the corner from this range. What is involved in the process to become a member?
  11. I am going the 223/magwell insert route as I already have a complete lower that I traded for. Yeah the magwell block is going to cost more than a dedicated lower but I'm working with what I've got. I also will probably pick up another 5.56 upper at some point to have that option as well, as I'm selling my 5.56 AR to a buddy to fund this and have a few extra bucks. I have my eye on a hahn or spikes mag block. Is there any advantage to going with the bottom loading hahn over the top loading? More permanent/secure fit? I'm seeing 1/10 twist and 1/15 twist rates on barrels. Am I going to be ok shooting 115/124 grain rounds in a 1/15? http://www.model1sales.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=304 I'm guessing these are bottom of the barrel quality but it seems like a decent route to get it up and going and worry about other upgrades later. I want to go with a lightweight barrel profile but I'm not sure on the 1/15 rate.
  12. Let me know the day and time. I've got a arsenal saiga I've yet to put a round through yet that I'm itching to shoot.
  13. I live in New Egypt about 10 minutes from great adventure.
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