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  1. If anyone has any invites left I'd appreciate one. [email protected]
  2. I know I'm reviving this topic from a ways back but I was looking at the permit to purchase and under block (A) to be filled in by the seller it asks for an ID card number or a seller's SBI #. My questions are: 1.) Is the ID number the seller's FID number? and 2.) What is the SBI #? The seller in this case does not have an FID card and from my understanding doesn't need one since he was bequeathed the gun and when I looked up SBI #, the only thing I could find was a form for background checks called SBI 212A.
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I know that there is an Introduction forum for first time posters but I figure it doesn't hurt to have a first post with some substance. My grandmother passed late last year and after going through her house for estate purposes, we came across two hand guns with ammo: one with what I believe to be a transfer of ownership form and the other without any paperwork. The transfer of ownership form gave ownership to my grandmother's brother who passed in the early 90's. My question is what do I have to do in order to have the guns transferred to me since I am the only person in my family with either a FID or a permit to purchase, both of which I received in December? These guns are from my best internet research over 40+ years old, if that means anything.
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