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  1. Just an FYI, I'm part of the range in Monroe going up on Union Hill Road. We are just waiting for building permits right now, then I'm moving my store Legend Firearms in there. 30 Lanes indoor, private club, training class room and store. We will also be allowing calibers up to but not including .50 cal. Stay tuned. www.unionhillgunclub.com or www.Legendfirearms.com
  2. Guys if you have friends or family serving overseas, get me an address and I'll send them a big box filled with Girl Scout cookies. The cookies were donated and so was the postage. I'm boxing them up and sending them out. E-mail the addresses to me at [email protected]
  3. HI it's Ira. It's a shame that the other store was voted down. As all of you know some people just don't understand what it is we like (besides being a right) about guns. I was just reading the posts about the range and store that was denied. As you know the store that was denied is not my store. My store will be open to the public and the prices will be the same for everyone not just members. So anyone using the other public range in Monroe will be able to buy guns/ammo from me to use at the other range. If we can't work together to help each other, who will? Ira
  4. It was the inspiration for yours...that's right. Yours came out a LOT nicer!
  5. Introduce me to the person in your profile picture and I'll throw in some extra mags.
  6. Getting ready to start building some AR's for inventory...starting at $800.00

    1. Legend Firearms

      Legend Firearms

      Appearing before Monroe Twp zoning board on 10/29/13 for new gun range on Union Hill Road. Wish me luck!

  7. I have a Beretta 96, Beretta PX4, Glock 23, CZ 75B, Baby Eagle, Sig P250 and a Springfield XD40....all in .40 cal. My favorite is the Beretta PX4.
  8. Legend Firearms in Marlboro $42.80 with NICS and Tax. 908-216-2915
  9. I'm an FFL in Marlboro, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about anything firearm related.
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