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  1. That's a beautiful pistol. Interested to hear your first impressions of the Flanged Barrel and if there is any noticeable difference to the standard barrel.
  2. Wow the nitre blue components look awesome. That is a fine looking pistol. .
  3. yeah marshall has to work on his customer service skills. He can be insultingly opinionated. Took my business elsewhere.
  4. I have had great luck with my Custom II. I have ran at least 2k through it with zero malfunctions. I think Kimber is a great production 1911. Good Luck with your purchase. BoscoB
  5. Nice work. Time to put some rounds through it.
  6. DUDE always hooks it up. Thanks again BoscoB
  7. JT is a stand up dude. Great Transaction. JT I will give you a call soon BoscoB
  8. Great guy to deal with!
  9. Nice guy to deal with.
  10. I own a custom II. I have never had one issue with over 2500 rds down the pipe. I have shot reloads, hollow pts, and regular ole ball ammo. My sugguestion is take it apart and oil it up before shooting. Also pick up some magazines, the Kimber OEM mag is udder garbage in my opinion. I have kimber pro mags, wilson combat, and nighthawk mags which the Kimber cycles no problem with. Good Luck and Enjoy! BOSCOB
  11. Good guy to do business with
  12. Another smooth transaction
  13. As always smooth transaction.
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