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  1. I hate to be of no help, but there really isnt much that can be done, it's NJ. My original FID took 11 months. My latest round of P2P's took 10 1/2 months. Pissed me off to no end. Every time I called i was spoken to like a POS. I felt better about my wait when I found out my buddy waited 4 1/2 months for his FID and 2 P2P's. He was all bragging that the day he turned his paperwork in he got a call from the The Troopers informing him that they completed their end and sent the paperwork up to Trenton. He was rubbing it in my face that his shit would be done fast.........Fast was 4 1/2 months. Did I forget to mention he is a 20 year veteran of a local PD. Yes! It took a current LEO 4 1/2 months........KEEP VOTING LIBERAL AND WE WILL KEEP GIVING AWAY RIGHTS!
  2. Does anybody know what the current cost of 380 is? Trying to decide weather or not I should buy it online or at Dicks. Thanks
  3. Why not pick here so we all can benefit?
  4. A while back I purchased from betterbullets.com King Shooter Supply a box of .40 cal 155 grain semi-wadcutters. When I purchased them I was told by one of the guys there what their "recipe" was using WST powder. In my old age I forgot how much powder they recommended. Has anybody loaded this combination? I want to load a handful this evening for some range therapy in the morning. Thanks Greg
  5. A couple questions for Mr. Green. I want to register for your Utah/Florida class do you have another payment option other than Paypal? What are the fees associated for Utah and Florida? Thanks Greg
  6. Thanks guys...........all I remember from the last time I got P2P's was it was a very easy process, took time to get, but was a simple process. The Trooper was very friendly and helpful. I'll have all paperwork completes prior to going and will hope the experience is the same. Thanks for the help.
  7. Can I download the "additional form", birth certificate? WTF......didn't I already jump through hoops for the FID? NJ just continues to blow my mind.
  8. Getting ready to submit the paper work for 3 P2P's. Went online filled out form STS 033. Anybody aware of the process? Last time (before the BS) I walked in handed the Trooper paperwork and a check then left. Somebody told me the process has changed? Anybody aware of any changes? Thanks in advance.
  9. I will tell you that I have done and will continue to do all I can to get these guns in the hands of a gun friendly (me) person. Still confused on why one would register an unregistered handgun?
  10. My friend is the executor. He also knows the guns are NOT registered because his father never had a FID. Can somebody without a FID sell a gun? Can one sell a guy that has never been registered?
  11. Trying to help a friend with a couple guns he discovered in his deceased fathers home. One is a handgun one a rifle. What exactly does or can he do with the guns? He does NOT have an FID nor does he want one. He also has NO need or want for these guns. Any help would be appreciated for he is talking about taking these guns to the local PD.............................. Thanks Greg
  12. My Ruger Mark III Target eats it all. Seems to really like the Armscor stuff........................I have tried it all, and it shots it all.
  13. Is it legal to put a few hundred rounds on the curb? How 'bout 'high capacity mags" on the curb?
  14. I have a friend that is a trash picker and he picked up a box of blanks curbside. The box contained a few hundred rounds of 5.56MM M200 Blanks from Lake City Ammunition Plant. What is the point of stuff? He thought it was real ammo and dropped it off at my warehouse.
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