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  1. if all the gun owners actually showed up and voted phildo wouldn't be in office. and we could have anything we want.
  2. top pic. symbol for coast guard special forces bottom pic. forum super moderator
  3. hunting license $27.50 nj waterfoul stamp $5.00 hip number $2.00 federal duck stamp $25.00. getting out in the blind priceless
  4. I don't judge a man by the color of his skin, I judge a man by the content of his gun safe.
  5. if you make it so the magazine is none detachable, you can have any stock you want and a pistol grip.
  6. as long as you have a valid hunting license or go with someone that has one.
  7. you don,t let the slide go forward until the R O says to. thats after he has checked the chamber.
  8. buy your hunting gear now, you can get some really good deals on jackets and stuff.
  9. you should also do rifle while your there. you cant take a .22 to a wma range without having the rifle license.
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