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  1. files

    Hi-point 4595

    She's gorgeous . I might be there on sunday what time?
  2. Is this for home defense punching paper or better yet plinking? Also what was that unbeatable price. I find Walt guns and ammo in hackettstown a little on the more expensive side
  3. Armory channel does some really great gun reviews. I learned alot about my glock19 from Hickok45.
  4. I have one and the fit and finish is awesome. Its not a Wilson Combat.I believe that for the price you cant beat it. I have read that there has been some bad milling, fitting ect... But thats to be expected for a mass produced pistol.
  5. RTSP its about ~24min drive to randolph from Lake Hopatcong. http://www.rtsponline.com
  6. Dont forget our brother's and sisters that have the skill set and are employed as tactical Paramedics in NJ.
  7. Im proud to say that i have ~150 rounds through my G19 gen4 and have 0 fte or ftf with winchester 115gr. My test date on the card was early Nov. At this point i would say buy with confidence and youll be punching paper in no time . If your dealer will let you field strip the pistol and check if it has the 04 spring that should be a good indication that it also has the new ejector. Also the price factor at least at RTSP it was a ~10.00 difference between the 3 and 4.
  8. Could they be giving leo's a discount because it may be a less of a "liability"? Just an idea. I really think the discount should just be extended universally to all "public safety". It is what it is though and im happy with the 50.00 (better than nothing).
  9. Not to get too off topic. But.... EMS is a fledgling field and at least for the foreseeable future will be treated terrible. We are viewed as "Ambulance Drivers" (this is similar to a racial slur to us look up the definition on urbandictionary.com) and just not appreciated enough. Partly because we dont have enough representation in the "paid" field (unionization), partly because of the statement above and the paid vs volunteer comes into play. Luckily a bill passed today making some advancement for our profession but its still a long way off to being "fixed".
  10. For fire/ems its 50.00 off the membership. I think it could have been a little more but i'll take anything that makes a dent in the 350.00 fee. They didn't ask for credentials either (i had a job shirt on w/ a patch). Unfortunately the discount is much less than it is for pd (175).
  11. Went out to RTSP earlier today and it was great! Very clean, roomy and the staff is friendly to. I bought a membership and they even give a discount to fire/ems and pd. Definitely will be there at least twice a week.
  12. Thanks guys for the fast and honest replies. I think I may just upgrade to premier membership and post it there!
  13. Are there any ranges or gun shops that will buy fire arms in the north or central region of jersey. Any help woud be greatly appreciated.
  14. Just so everyone knows they posted this on Facebook today:
  15. I mean the building meets the profile with a loading bay at the end. Also there is also a FFL registered to that address. If it isnt it isnt. But its a good guess no?
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