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  1. SIGs have stainless milled slides and alloy frames. The principal exceptions are the older discontinued German's with the folded carbon steel slides and the all stainless. So, two dissimilar metals are rubbing together with the slide being the harder of the two materials. The alloy frames are hard anodized which creates a very hard and durable finish provided there are no burrs or flaws on the slide rails and the peice is properly lubed meaning wet with lots of grease. The hard annodizing is initially black but will change color to a shiny a yellow/shiny silver and then dull silver after many, many rounds. Dull silver means the anodizing has been compromised or close to compromised. Gradual wear of the anodizing is common and expected and most of this occurs in the first couple of hundred rounds. If there are no flaws in the slides SIGs are good for many thousands of rounds. Wearing of the anodizing in a spot or two along the frame is uaually not a problem. The machining of the slide and frame surfaces while very precise is not perfect, meaning, the two surfaces are not perfectly flat and need to mate. But this is usually over in the first couple of 100 rounds. I have never seen a SIG without frame wear of some sort. And new unfired SIGs may have some initail wear marks from test firing. It is important to check the slide of every new SIG or any similar pistol for defects or burrs which can be carefully be removed when found. The older German made SIGs with the rolled carbon steel slides had fewer issues of this type which is one reason these are very desireable. The slides on these is also a tad lighter in weight. Also, slide to frame wear is not an issue on the all stainless SIGs. The SIG FORUM has volumes of information on this topic.
  2. For Sale is my beautiful Browning Hi Power Classic "T" Series 9mm semiauto pistol made circa 1967. It is in excellent condition. Decription, Features, Inclusions; Browning High Power "T" Series 9mm pistol - approximately 45 years old Made & assembled in Belgium forged frame - current models have the larger cast frame open iron military sights original bluing VZ black slim grips and original wood grips with red backs 2-13 round mags and 2-10 round factory "mousetrap" mags original black zippered pouch with red velvet lining and gold logo mag safety disconnect removed Condition, History: Purchased privately approximately 2 years ago. Seller was at least the second owner. Mechanically excellent. 465 rounds through it according to my range log but not fired in over a year. It has functioned flawlessly and reliability. Have no knowledge of prevoius use other than it appears to be modest considering its' performance and condition. No rust, corrosion or piting. Bluing is original and a beautiful deep blue - almost black. There is a fine innocuous scratch above the slide stop. It could have been in the frame before bluing as the bluing appears intact here. There are also 2 small nicks on the trigger guard that have been repaired, They are impossible to see in photos and hard to find. The pouch is excellent - no rips,tears or cracks. The zipper functions. Payment: $775 FTF plus $35 shipping if necessary. The first "I'll Take it" posted on the forum buys it and will trump any on going negotiations . I will make every effort to be fair if there is multiple interest. Payment in cash, USPS MO, bank check or personal check (shipped only). Personal check will delay shipping. Payment expected within 7 dyas if item is to be shipped. Otherwise I reserve right to cancel the deal. Papers must be in order. For FTF will need Permit To Purchase, FID, NJ Drivers Liscense. If shipped it must go from my FFL to your FFL. It will be necessary for your FFL to fax a copy of licence to my FFL. For FTF, I will meet buyer at any reasonable location at my disgression. You can contact me by leaving a message on the forum, BY PM or at jan-chris@comcast.net
  3. I have no experience with S&W 1911s but do own several STIs. They are very, very nice. One is the STI Sentry 9mm which is essentially a Trojan with a forged frame and a few bells and whistles. The Trojan has a cast frame. The slide to frame fit on my Sentry is very, very tight, smooth and easy to shoot. Impressed with the fit and finish. Far more accurate than I am. Also have a Ranger 9mm which is essentailly a Trojan in Commander size - full size fram but 4.15" slide as compared to the Trojan's 5.0" slide. Same positive apply to it as mentioned for the Sentry. FWIW, my last STI is a lawman45 ACP.
  4. The Browning Hi Power is a good choice although a double stack. Has great ergonomics and is good for small hands expecially with grips like the VZ Slims. There is/was no single stack P226. It has always been double stack and the grip is not for small hands IMHO. There was a German P220 9mm but it has not been made in a long time. Thw Sig P239 is a single stack 9mm and a good choice. Same for the p228, p225, P6 although these are no longer made. In 45 ACP the Sig P245 works but can be hard to find. All are all metal pistols. My choice would be the HP. Very, very reliable.
  5. My applications for permits to purchase were taking up to 10-12 weeks. Then someting happened. My last two applications - four permits requested - were processed in 21 and 10 days respectively. Hard to complain about that. On the 10 day turnaround I was on vacation when I received notice that they were ready and could not pick-up until I returned 2-1/2 weeks later.
  6. NJ law regulating the purchase/sale of handguns allows the individual applying for handgun permits to apply for any number of permits. The number is inserted in the upper right hand corner of the form. All of those permits should be issued at the same time, have the same efffective date and expiration date. It is up to you to follow the law limiting your purchaces to one handgun every 30 days. And, when you go to your FFL to execute the transfer for a new purchase you will be required to sign and acknowledge that you have not purchased a handgun in the prior 30 days. Your local PD is either ignorant of the law or intentionally violating the law.
  7. silverking

    STI guns?

    STI has big rollmarks. They do not bother me as much as the big wide grip serations milled into the front and rear of the slide. Too big, too wide for me and don't like 'em up front. But I can tolerate the rollmarks. As you noted it is a prefernce.
  8. Smith & Wesson 686 with 4" or 6" barrel. Handles .357 mag/.38 special/.38 +p. Both 6 and 7 shot models available. and, or Browning HP 9mm. NJ legal 13 round capacity. As an added bonus both are from steel.
  9. silverking

    STI guns?

    Yep, they have big roll marks. But, theses things are made in Texas and Texas = big. On the Ranger II the opposite side is the outline of the State of Texas. Not bad.
  10. silverking

    STI guns?

    This is a Ranger II. As stated above I got a 9mm. it has Heine night sights.
  11. silverking

    STI guns?

    I have an STI Ranger II 1911 on order and expect delivery in late July. It is a single stack commander sized 1911 in either 9mm or 45 ACP. I ordered the 9mm rom Brazos Custom. The cost is about $1000.
  12. Anyone have any experience with extending a Hand Gun Permit To Purchase beyond its' initial 90 days period. I know a permit can be extended for an additional 90 days. Anyone know the process and the time it will take to acccomplish this. Just another wonderful problem we have to deal with in this fascist state as our weenie pols try to elimiante our constitutional rights through regulation.
  13. Browning Hi Power, a 75 year old design, is the most ergonomic, compact, reliable, 9mm out there. They are high quality beautiful pistols. An anniversary edition can be picked up at CDNN for $699. Only negative is the trigger which can be heavy but can be fixed.
  14. silverking


    There have been some great deals out there fro used and LNIB P220s. Try the Sig Forum. Just saw a LNIB P220ST sell for $650 shipped. That nearly killed me because I was selling my LNIB P220ST at same time. The ST sells new for $889. I believe there are others for sale. You will likely have to pay for shipping but the Seller should be able to arrange that for as little as $25. Good luck
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