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  1. Look guys at the end of the day i believe that our goals are the same. we want to keep our guns and right and be left alone about it. but at the same time we also want a safer america to live in right? for everyone.
  2. Im taking it into consideration. i checked the sites vlad sent me... i see some states in the top 10 where it is easy but also see some in top 10 that are not easy. so i guess in the end that means i have to stand corrected. i guess when it comes down to it it would have to be which state has more violent criminals haha.
  3. yes i see it. but is it triple the homocide rate due to guns? all i see is violent crime. i see nothing about gun crime
  4. My intention is not to stir up trouble. I apologize if you guys think i made a false name of here and false posts so i can piss you guys off. Not true at all. not my intention at all. i apologize to the entire forum for speaking how i feel. truely.
  5. Sir. i posted about getting my pistol permits. i already have fid. safe in my room full of guns. thank you. but anyway.. my opinions seem to have gotton everyone one here pretty salty about the whole thing. i do apologize if i offended or ruined anyones day. i clearly stated my point and opinion. states where its easier to purchase have higher gun crimes. tried looking on fbi couldnt find anything. if someone could send me an fbi link that will show me gun crime state by state then i will agree to the fact that i am wrong. according to what i have read i am correct. some one show me something? i respect everyones opinion on here and do take them into consideration. at the bottom of the article.. cox even said the problem is the criminals. he basically stated that the criminals are causing problems for us gun owners. which ive stated the entire time. both sides have legit arguments, like ive already stated. so lets stop arguing and come up with an answer.. thats all im saying. like me or not i do not care. yes i am 21 so pretty much everyones opinion about me does not matter, and mine should not matter so strongly twords you guys.
  6. wow look what i found online.... The study also seeks to draw a link between gun trafficking and gun control laws by analyzing gun restrictions in all 50 states in areas like background checks for gun purchases, policies on concealed weapons permits and state inspections of gun dealers. It finds that, across the board, those states with less restrictive gun laws exported guns used in crimes at significantly higher rates than states with more stringent laws. An advance copy of the study was provided to The New York Times. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/27/us/politics/27guns.html read that guys. This atricle is from 2010. i rest my case.
  7. ok well thats my opinion. i gotta go guys. feel free to shoot me any private messages if yall would like. im open to anything
  8. Its a mess that needs to be cleaned up vlad. and its obvious that what is happening now is not working
  9. and u are also guarenteed the right to keep and bear arms arent you? someone telling you that you cannot? no one has told me im not guarenteed that right. and infringed the right is part of life and we have to deal with people giving us S*** about it.
  10. i believe that changes must be maid. Pro Vs. Anti gun its getting ridiculous. And i truely believe in my hart that our 2nd amendemnt rights will never be taken away. just controled to the point where it becomes impossible to do anything. which im not sayin thats what should happen. But if they can come up with a plan that will make people safer from nut bags and the same plan allows us to be left alone by anti gun supporters wouldnt that be the ultimate? wouldnt that be what everyone wants? something both sides agree to? m i crazy here? because how it is now is not working. This is america. anythings possible right?
  11. I agree. it is a social problem. but we cant go by what he wish or want. we have to go by what it is. its against the law. puts people in the wrong state of mind. its a problem and must be adressed. i dont want any firearms ban on any state. gun ownership is a right. yes but in a way it is also kind of like driving. people who follow rules and regulations on the road are allowed to have a license. if your smoking pot or drinking a beer while driving your putting yourself and others in danger. if your high on drugs or drunk and u have a shotgun you are a danger to other. the drugs and alcohol is a huge problem. thats y jared loughner was nuts. he ate one to many mushrooms smoked one to may blunts. and was charged with parphanalia.
  12. Call me what you like. does not matter to me. i have my opinion just like u have yours. you just dont like mine. build a bridge and get over it. becuase ur opinion is obviously failing. further and further down the gutter as each day passes. something has to change so we can be left alone.
  13. Doesnt matter what i think or anyone else. fact is the way things are now are not working. fact. I never said disarm or take away rights. But i kno i am correct on saying that what is happening now is not working. and its obvious neither side will budge. so we are all at a dead end at the end of the day. think what you want of me. your opinions about me do not bother me. call me a troll or whatever ud like. Im a gun owner and wont let anyone take that away. ANd i hope everyone on here feels the same no matter what the laws are. and if obama wants to put stricter gun conrtol laws in affect and they prove to drop crime rate (BUT ONLY IF THEY PROVE TO) then i am all for it. ANd i would hope that all of u would be for it. i mean what if it did work? not saying it will its just my opinion would u guys still be against? guess we will find out
  14. Yes i do kno how easy it is in camden and all. Its a problem and needs to be adressed. right?
  15. In a way. but i didnt mean smallest infraction and u r disqualified. im just saying i dont understand how a drug user bought a firearm legally. thats a problem. and i understand convicion and charged are different. but when it comes to drugs none of it is excusable. dont care what any of u say. drug users should not have permission to purchase. and i kno if jared couldnt get it legally he would of gotten it illegally. i get that. u are 100% correct. But once again that falls on criminals he would of purchased it from. or stole it from a law abiding citizen. But arizona basically opened the door for him. imagine if he would of had to steal that gun from someone. broke into their house.. stole it but got caught in the process.. those people would still be alive because he wouldnt of been able to use it. or he could of gotton away and still done it. we will never kno. but either way it would of made it harder in his case
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