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  1. Looking for a new or use Vepr in 5.45X39 .
  2. As per standard Catalog of S&W. 1978/1979 serial numbers range for K frame 25K001-56K9999 Looks like a real nice revolve you got there hope you enjoy it.
  3. Bangor Punta era at least by the paperwork so 1967-1984 easy to tell when it was made by the serial # the dash after the 17 will give you a time frame when it was manufactured.
  4. Apparently Murphy had nothing to do with the school budget cuts it was the bag of shit Sweeney that did that.
  5. Great I didnt even know it was being voted on last night i would have been there.
  6. You been living in NJ to long. Look up amendment 2 in the bill of rights.
  7. Its the nothing burgers of NJ that allowed our rights to be taken from us by life's to short politicians in Trenton.
  8. Thanks for the offer. Im still trying to figure out if i can take the trip.
  9. Anyone going down from the south jersey area? I would help pay for gas tolls ?
  10. They hold zero minute of AK. They are good to go and are probably the lightest. if ounces matter on an 8lb rifle.
  11. RS Regulate is in my opinion far and away the best mounts for a side rail on an AK.
  12. Second purchase with Jack very responsive true gentleman and professional couldn't ask for a better experience .
  13. Looking for a polished blued smooth barrel with rifle sights rem choke is fine just not the fully rifled .
  14. Sorry I don't know how to take pics host them to this site , but if you send me an email or phone contact ill send them this weekend.
  15. Yes sir it is indeed a model 18-3 K-22 Combat Masterpiece they made 2 Combat Masterpieces a K-22 later know as the Model 18 Combat Masterpiece and the K-38 later known as the Model 15 Combat Masterpiece .The K-22 is the exact profile as the K-38 in weight grips and sights and was developed as a training pistol for the K-38 but in caliber .22 and as such maintained the nomenclature "Combat Masterpiece" They also made K Models like the 16 and 17 and called them the K-32 and K-22 Masterpiece sans the "Combat".
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