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  1. I would rent a property in NH if I were you. The massholes have infected that state and if it wasn't for Sinunu vetoing there assault weapons ban it would be law now. The writing's on the wall there just like Colorado . Every state that leans one way or another is tilting rapidly in that direction . Live Free Or Die looks like allot of dieing coming to our brothers up north.
  2. You don't need to do anything with your current fid card i have bought ammo and firearms with a nj fid card and fl. driver license . Some ffls wont do the transfer because they are ignorant of the law or just don't want to do anything more than they have to. Ask Jack Tehan JT Custom Guns or call Shooters they sell guns all the time with different documentation perfectly legal under federal and NJ law.
  3. No my fid has my nj address, don't change anything . As long as you have a NJ residence you're good to buy at least rifles and shotguns I don't know about handguns but I'm almost positive you can buy handguns also. All you need is an electric bill tax bill car registration or something that shows residency . In Fl. you are considered a resident if you own property other than just land ,you can buy any gun you want with a NJ drivers license when you go the ffl they look you up on the tax database to show you own property copy it and attach it to the normal paperwork . If you have a Fl. ccw then you have no wait depending on the county there's a three day wait if you don't have one. The state of Fl. has no problem with gun ownership Im in Lee Co. pretty much everyone I know has and carrys guns.
  4. I have a florida drivers license and am a resident of both states .I buy any gun I want in NJ with my fid card and something that shows residence in NJ with the same address as the fid card .I used an electric bill and my truck registration several times. I would just go straight to your house once you get into NJ .
  5. Your 10 minutes from Telco and 30 minutes from Ft. Dix range 14. You have some options in S. Jersey.
  6. Still looking have $ primers and factory ammo to trade.
  7. If she was ran over by a bus it would be covid related. I grew up watching her in the 60-70 rerun loop and always thought she was a beautiful lady rip.
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