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  1. I have been browsing Youtube for examples of cleaning and just the whole activity and it makes a lot more sense now that you guys told me what to do and I was able to see it done. You mentioned before that Maryland Style traps require a $2 permit - are the Danielson ones I mentioned considered a "Maryland Style Trap?" If I wanted to use the Danielson trap, since it requires a permit, would I get those permits at a bait and tackle shop as well, or even Walmart? Also, do the permits for the crab traps only last the season as well or are they good for as long as I have/use the trap? Also, does each trap require its own permit? Just looks like they would be easier to use since the crabs can't escape on their own so once they are in, they are stuck. I do not have a boat and would plan to just toss them from the shore. Chicken for bait seems like a good way to go, easy to get a hold of and not too expensive. When you say a clamming permit is good for the season, what qualifies as the season? How long until the permit expires? Not sure what the "clamming season" is. Do you need to keep the clams wet and cool as well, like you mentioned for the crabs? I figured I might as well get a cooler and fill it with ice water and just throw the crabs I get in there as I catch them; would the same be necessary for clams? I know how I would cook them, I love me some crabs and clams, the part I was unsure about was getting the darn things lol. One other thing regarding both clamming permits and the crab trap permits; can I just walk into a bait and tackle shop, ask for a permit, and be given one and go about my business? Or does it take time before I receive it? Also, if I go with someone, does each person need their own permit? Fishnut - that would be pretty cool if we could go together, though I would like to do a little more research on the types of traps beforehand.. I don't currently have any of the equipment haha, and like I mentioned, I have no boat.
  2. I wouldn't eat a crab I find dead, but basically what you are saying is to keep the live crabs I catch in a cooler with ice and they will be safe to eat? I was a little confused about that, since it sounds like you aren't supposed to eat the crabs you catch dead since the toxin will be present, but then my question was how do I kill the crabs without releasing the toxin? Is the crab alive when I go to clean out the gills and all or is it like cooking lobster where you kill it first? Also, how long would you say before the toxins for the crabs are released, or does it happen as soon as the crab dies? I eat crabs and clams all the time, but only ones I buy in a store or order in a restaurant, never ones I went and caught myself fresh from the sea. .
  3. Thanks you guys for that great info. So just to clarify, for crabbing I need no special license or permit for anything unless I leave the traps out overnight? I was looking at these square traps with little doors on the sides that open and close, so I guess overnight traps are something else. What are the traps called when the entire side of the traps open, and when there is just a little door that only allows them to come into the trap but not out? I can't figure out the difference between them as I would prefer to get the latter. For clamming, what type of permit do I need, or is there just one general type of permit and I am good to go? I was looking at a clam rake as well, and from what I read, it doesn't sound to difficult to use. I guess my next followup question about the permit for clamming is, and please don't laugh at me haha, where do I get permits? I have firearms and I know firearm permit/license procedures change from county to county, so do crabbing and clamming laws/procedure change as well? Also, I had to go through the State Police to get my permits and licenses for my firearms, do I go through the police for clamming permits as well or someplace else? I live in Allentown NJ, and have another house in Wildwood. Not sure if that matter or not but figured I would throw it out there. Would one clamming permit be good for the entire state or would I need one for the area I wish to go clamming in? Also, do the permits expire or need to be renewed at all? I am glad that clams need no special preparation to eat; is there anything I should do to them before I steam them? I was confused about crabs - I read that there is a toxin in crabs that ruins the meat when they die... Is that true at all? I feel like it isn't. Also, does it matter if I keep the clams and/or crabs in water when I catch them or can I just stick them in a cooler? If you keep them in water, is it saltwater or freshwater? Also, when is the best time to go crabbing and clamming?
  4. I was wondering what the laws/process was for crabbing and clamming? I never really went fishing with anyone before, nor have I been crabbing or clamming, but I have seen people in South Jersey, mainly Wildwood area, doing these types of things along the sides of the road or on the beach and was wondering if there is anyone out there that can shed a little light on these activities. I have become interested in trying it for myself, mainly crabbing and clamming, but don't really know where to start. Do I need any special license for saltwater crabbing/clamming or can I just go? Also, what types of equipment would I need? Not looking for this to be anything crazy expensive or anything, just an occasional, fun activity I can try out. Also, if I go crabbing or clamming, what is the process to clean them so I can eat them? Do I need to do anything special to ones I personally gather myself, or can I just treat them as if I bought them? Any help and direction would be greatly appreciated! I feel a little silly asking these types of things, but I need to start somewhere and would rather hear it from people who have done it!
  5. Anyone on this forum happen to metal detect? I have been hitting some beaches after hours but was wondering if I could get some other locations that some members have been to aside from the beach. I know state and federal property is mostly off limits, but anyone ever find parks, fields, or woods that were accessible and allowed?
  6. Alright guys - thanks for all the input. I have an additional question. Now, this will probably sound stupid to all of you, but since this is for my first handgun, I am a little confused about the labeling of 9mm ammo. I have seen ammunition labeled as simply "9mm" and then quite a few labeled as "9mm luger". What is the difference between these two, if there even is a difference? Will a handgun chambered in 9mm take 9mm luger? Probably a noob question but just want to make sure I am using the right ammo.
  7. I am planing on hitting a range Tuesday to shoot my new 9mm and was thinking of going to Dicks tomorrow to get some ammo for my guns. I know my Dicks carries "Remington 9mm UMC cartridges" in bulk for a fairly inexpensive price. Anyone have any experience with this ammo as far as quality and jamming issues?
  8. Hey guys, so I just got my new handgun and I am confused about one little thing - is there not a traditional "safety" on the Walther P99 AS model? I know there is the round indicator, but is there no way to lock the gun like on other firearms? I have rifles and shotgun with safeties so maybe handguns are a bit different, but wanted some of your guys' guidance.
  9. My situation was a little different... I was arrested and only my shotgun was taken as evidence. Upon the month or two later that the case was officially dismissed, I was able to call up the Cherry Hill PD and make an appointment with the detective handling the case to get my property back. I was able to retrieve it no problem, and have no criminal record, and this is my only problem with law enforcement. Someone who posted earlier made a good point, with saying since the case was dismissed, my gun returned, and at no point did I lose my FID, I should be fine. I think that your situation may have been a bit different,though I am not going to ask you to disclose it.
  10. I agree, now that I think about it... I also got my shotgun back so I am thinking that if I was prohibited to purchase firearms since that incident, they would have taken my FID card, and especially not returned my shotgun. Although, I am just concerned that seeing a firearm related offense, even if it was dismissed, my property returned, and I do not actually have an illegal assault weapon, might still make the guy approving and denying applications uneasy. This one incident is my only arrest, and I have no other arrest records or criminal charges or anything.
  11. So pretty much what I am gathering from your guys' opinion is this shouldn't cause for a denial of a permit?
  12. an entire police department including a supervisor. With how many cops and flashing lights there were, you'd think they found a bazooka mounted on top of my car.
  13. No I was arrested in Cherry Hill NJ by Cherry Hill PD, and am applying for one handgun permit in through the state police in Hamilton NJ. I live in Allentown.
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