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  1. So elitist attitude aside, justjules brings up a good point. We need a solid castle doctrine as well. But I think a constitutional amendment is a good start. BTW justjules how many firefights have you been in? I was in two my first week in Ramadi. I lost count after the first two months. I bet there are a sh*t ton of vets on this forum that have even more experience than me since I only did one deployment. I'm just curious to know if you personally had to put your training to use. I'm sure you're cool with the way the laws work for the rest of us because you're one of the select few with the "burden" of being allowed to carry. I know you couldn't see it but I really rolled my eyes reading that in your post. Good grief.
  2. Welcome to the forums. You and I are in the same neck of the woods, and it looks like we chewed the same dirt (Ramadi 04 thru 05). Semper Fi.
  3. No matter where you go someone's mistake will cost you. Stuff like this won't go away once you leave NJ.
  4. FYI a Stevens is manufactured by Savage but doesn't come with an Accutrigger. Reviews are that the stock trigger is still pretty good. A model 300 is a mag fed 22lr that retails for about $200. I'm not sure what the mag availability is though. Here's an offering from Impact Arms: http://www.impactguns.com/stevens-300-with-scope-22lr-26310-062654263101.aspx
  5. You seriously need to rethink the flashlight in mouth technique. Lights are some of the first things that get shot at in the dark.
  6. To you, me, and probably most anyone else...no it is not. But the syntax does not say "pistol grip" it says a "well defined handle directly underneath the action...". A pistol grip meets this criteria and technically, so could a thumbhole stock. I'm sorely tempted to use the skeleton stock that came with my s308 as the grip is only partially underneath the action and more behind it. In the end though, I really have no desire to be the test case for this in a court of law. I am thinking about adding some rails for my front handguard on the s12 and mounting a vertical grip there as well.
  7. Start with this video. If you hose up anything, we can help. Option 2: get a skeleton stock that came with some of the earlier rifles. No 922r to worry about and you have somewhat of a pistolgrip config.
  8. Because it's a cheap .308 trainer. The dope changes for a .22 rifle at 200 is very close to the dope for a .308 at 400 yards. Assuming of course that you are using scopes with similar moa clicks and magnification...and a decent .22 rifle. http://www.6mmbr.com/rimfiretactical.html
  9. For under $70 a surplus ALICE pack might be the best deal out there. The medium sized ones can be used without a frame. The large packs need a frame to attach the straps properly. Having been through the transition between ALICE and MOLLE gear, I would say the ALICE packs were more durable.
  10. When all I had was a combination safe I'd preload the first two numbers, then turn it until it was several ticks away from the final digit. I did this every night before going to bed, just in case the tumblers got jostled at some point during the day.
  11. Arcus 98 is a single action and comes stock without a mag safety.
  12. Another 4595 carbine owner here. I've been using it to teach my son to shoot as he thinks he's "graduated" from the .22. I had to use up just about all my left deviation as there's a slight cant on the front sight post. Not enough of an issue to send it back. I'll probably mount a red dot optic on it at some point anyway. Anyway I've put almost 1k rounds of various 45 ball ammo to include steel cased and it hasn't jammed at all. Pretty accurate once you get used to the 45 trajectory at anything over 50 yards. Oh and I think I've cleaned it twice. I'm surprised to hear that the mags are polymer. I got mine last year and the mags are steel with plastic base plates. I picked up extra mags at impact guns and those are steel also.
  13. Texas Weapon Systems has the dogleg rail that replaces the dustcover. It's gotten good reviews and is another option to mounting an optic. Personally I don't mind the side rail but just make sure you get a decent mount. Kalinka optics sells the good ones. I did not have any luck with a utg mount on the rifle so I use it on my saiga 12 instead.
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