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  1. best to be on the safe side. i already pulled all 15rd mags and am buying 10rd mags. already spent $300 on mags and i need several more. figure 10rd mags requires at least 2 mag per gun at range. my police dept has no info yet on procedure for voluntary surrender of 15rd mags.
  2. in case i didn't post this, i found a great store: shooters in little egg harbor,nj. This is a South Jersey store. i am not affiliated with them. im just a happy customer who has never seen so much availability in south jersey. Shooters Sporting Center, 1535 Route 539, Little Egg Harbor NJ 08087. (609) 296-4080
  3. it may be better to use them as a straight transfer or purchase. you may want to consider using a gunsmith for a repair, and not a shop.
  4. Shooters is in Little Egg Harbor,NJ. Large gun room. an hour drive for me. As a south Jersey resident with access to very few well-stocked gun stores, I can tell you I was simply over-whelmed at their on-hand stock. The store up in Bordentown, Cheyenne Mountain, is the only other store near me with a semi-decent selection. But they are really overpriced and a 40 min drive for me. I had a permit, already renewed, and I only had about 2-3 more weeks left to use it. I was trying to decide between the PPQ 9mm paddle release vs the button release. Read neg comments on the button, rented the button, it rubbed my finger on the range, so I went with the paddle release. Yes, they ask to see your FPID card at the counter. I don't have a problem with that as a few other NJ dealers do the same thing. I can report that if you live down in the Southern part of the state, are running out of time on your permit, you have a decent chance of finding your desired model here. And, since id rather not spend 2+ hours to get to Northern NJ, this store was a great choice. They are very patient as well. I will go back there for the convenience.
  5. i also have the Beretta Px4 Storm which is easy to rack. but i have a bias towards the XD 9. I just like the gun better due to the multiple safeties built into it. take her to a gun store and let her rack a few guns. Maybe she won't want a girlie gun..
  6. rayco is closed. "for rent" sign on door. No other info is posted on door.
  7. J & J gunworks is another option. Run out of a used car repair storefront w/ no firearm signage. Small mom/pop store. 310 White Horse Pike, Clementon, NJ 08021. (856) 784-1910. https://www.facebook.com/pages/JJ-Gunworks/264824410347186https://www.facebook.com/pages/JJ-Gunworks/264824410347186
  8. I can't comment on buying firearms from rayco, but he is fine for FFL transfers. Sorry to hear that some posts are complaining about his politics. I go there to do transactions, not discuss pros or cons regarding NJ gun laws. If he is too expensive for guns, buy it somewhere else or on gunbroker. If you live in the merchantville/cherry hill/pennsauken area, he is nearby. I think it is a good idea to support small mom-pop stores as there are very few stores in Southern NJ. http://www.raycoarmory.com/
  9. don't have a desert eagle, but have another model from the same company. baby eagle full size, metal frame. 9mm. bought new from RTSP. this is a bulls eye shooter. feels like im using a 22. gun is very heavy, but zero recoil and perfect shots. Dealer had to block the mags. im very happy with my purchase. be careful regarding the available mags. apparently they can hold more than 15 rounds. Bought a new mag from gunbroker. Advertised as 15 round mag by magnum research. But, it can be forced beyond 15 rounds, so i returned it. I read that EAA witness tangfolio mags are supposed to be a perfect fit. So, i bought an eaa witness 15 round mag clone and it fits perfectly with zero range usage issues.
  10. waited 1 1/2 hrs before suggesting to my FFL that he google and check the NJ website for a state closure. Sure enough, state offices closed early. now i have to wait til wednesday.
  11. Young african-american single mother from philly arrested for concealed carry on Ac expressway. She was denied a first offender plea bargain with no jail time. link to origional article was broken (7/16/14) http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/07/16/honest-mistake-leads-to-philly-mother-facing-three-years-on-gun-charge/ another article on this topic (8/2014): http://allenbwest.com/2014/08/real-war-women-single-black-mother-faces-jail-honest-mistake/ another article on this topic (8/2/2014): http://www.trentonian.com/general-news/20140802/new-jerseys-tight-gun-laws-ensnare-out-of-staters (8/5/14) TV Video of topic: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Philly-Mom-Facing-Jail-Time-for-Possessing-Licensed-Gun-269922391.html (8/6/14) updated article: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/20140806_Weapons_charge_won_t_be_dropped_against_Philadelphia_woman.html
  12. voyager9 & SW485- I saw your post regarding rayco charging $70. I just looked up Gerards in moorestown,nj. FFL search says his license expired 11/1/2013. He had a small 1 room rear store. There is also Cheyenne mountain outfitters in robbinsville, past bordentown,nj. they are pricey.
  13. The Google docs list still shows PK90 as an active FFL in NJ. Per his post, he is now in arizona.
  14. Here is a thumbs up for PA House Bill (proposed legislation) #2398 http://www.legis.sta...br=2398&pn=3919
  15. jfoster99- thanks for the detailed info on your tx firearms instructor. i would be interested in participating on the trip.
  16. i will also second: Winter's Guns - Berlin, NJ. 856-767-0349. Lightened up the trigger on my S&W model 60, metal revolver. Also works on polymer guns.
  17. Has anyone thought of organizing a trip from NJ to Texas for a CCW class?
  18. i took the utah ccw class and received the ccw in march. this means that it was only usable for 2 months in pa... i wonder how many NJ utah ccw card holders are going to run into a legal problem when they carry in PA. This updated info is not exactly front page news.
  19. welcome to a new camden county gun owner.
  20. guys- there are only a handful of stores in southern nj. Most of these stores, like bobs little sport shop in glassboro, Butches in vineland, and cheyenne outfitters in robbinsville (past bordentown), are usually busy. I found customer service at cheyenne's to be fair, butches is great, and i had dis-information from bobs. I can also give a thumbs up to arms n ammo. the big issue is the lack of inventory. Ive found some decent inventory over in Philly at Lock's phila gun exchange., 6700 rowland ave. two one five-332-6225. They are just 10 minutes over the tacony palmyra bridge. i have an easier time finding things on gunbroker but it helps to see and hold the guns too. in this climate, it helps if you go in knowing what you want.
  21. is anyone planning on going? if i go, i might be the only pro-gun person there.
  22. i went through the posts, and saw 14-19 days, and up to 28 days, for a nics approval. does everyone realize that this means it will be almost impossible to use 3 permits within 90 days? The majority of buyers are going to have to apply for renewals, and i'd say with the current nics delays, there will only be enough TIME to use a max of 2 permits within the final 90 day timeframe. local store purchases or gunbroker buys will have to be made fast to allow for shipping & nics processing.
  23. alex35- the choice of available ffl's in southern NJ is shrinking!
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