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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to do this as well. I think if you have more than one residence you can use any photo Government ID without an address(Like a passport/TWIC, etc.) and then show tax papers/utility bills for the address. Not sure but hopefully soon I'll see if it works.
  2. Okay, So I have a bunch of gift certificates for amazon and I think I want to get a red dot to try on a pistol. I've never seen one on a pistol(or rifle for that matter) in person. I have no specific purpose. The only thing is it's going to be slide mounted so I want to get a really small one like a Leupold Delta Point, Trijicon RMR, or Burris FastFire. When looking I got kinda overwhelmed with all the options. I can't see these in person so do I want amber or red dot? 1, 3.5, 6.5, 7, 9 12.9 or 13 MOA Dots? Some say adjustable. I was thinking something along the lines of 3 to six hundred bucks since I don't really know what I'm going to do with it yet. What do you guys use? Or does anybody know a shop that stocks them so I can see them in person?
  3. If you do find somebody, I think they need to know what model handguns you're using because the inserts are model specific. I was going to buy one until I read that there was a leaning curve, and a break in period of 25 shots or so to let the handgun "settle" in to the inserts before actually firing the grouping. Seemed to much of a nuisance. If I buy that rest and the inserts, I want it to just go together quickly and consistently without all the fuss. Doesn't really seem worth it. Best of luck.
  4. Right now I have the worlds cheapest scope (a 3-9 Simmons) on a 10/22 takedown. I don't mind spending quite a bit more on the optic, it's just that I get frustrated when everything falls apart without me abusing it yet. I don't need 1/2 moa out of this thing just enough to shoot coons 50 to 75 feet away from a near vertical angle in the dark with a small light and be able to take a serious pounding when I use my rifle as an impact weapon. Since the rifle's stainless, a similarly finished optic and rings would be awesome. I'm not a big fan of red dots, or nightvision, or anything requiring batteries because my only experience with one, the on switch was so loose it kept getting bumped on and when I would take it out of the case the batteries were always dead.
  5. High Exposure, you'de be a good one to ask: Although no one think of what I'm doing as being considered hard or abusive until they actually say everything that happens, I need something heavy duty, like a probably what you'de use in combat for a scope and rings. Is there anything else I should do besides Blue Loctite?
  6. Do you put locktite on all the screws? I just took my rifle back because everything backed out and fell off the picattiny rail. The gunsmith said I should get better rings and bases. When he bore sited it, he only put locktite on the screws going from the rail to the receiver, and the screws on the rings. The giant knob screws on the bottom of the bases holding them to the picattiny rail he said shouldn't get any locktite. Well, after adjusting my scope a bunch of times at the range, I noticed it was rattling around a lot again, so I tightened them down as best I could and tried again until they loosened up again. It's only a cheap scope, but I should be able to get the rings to at least hold it securely. This thing has really been babied so far, but I need something that can take extreme abuse. What do you recommend?
  7. ColtPistols

    1911a1 mags

    I haven't had any problems with Colt marked, Metalforms (several different models), GI type marked Colt .45 Auto (but I don't think they're made by Colt, a bunch of Chip McCormicks and a few others. My Wilson's however don't lock open the slide on the last shot in any of my pistols. Not sure why, maybe just a bad batch or maybe they're worn out. None seem to cause any feeding issues though. If I was looking for decent 7 round mags I would just buy cheap GI types, if they function well in your firearms buy a few more and stock up. It's really only the 8 rounders that seem like certain ones won't feed right.
  8. I have a single stack baer, and it's okay. Thy used to use Para frames, but I think they make their own now and I'm pretty sure they're all single stack. Fusion same thing, only single stack. I think they sell some STI's. The problem with STI's and Caspians is they both have their own weird proprietary mags which are like $80+. That and the frames are a little bit too thin for my tastes. I may, not for this project, get an STI 6" in .45ACP. They seem like decent pistols, but I really don't like polymer pistols and again the magazines seem way over the top expensive. I usually try to have a least a dozen magazines, but at that price and for a polymer pistol I'm not too crazy about it might get bumped further down my list. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get all the parts anyway, so until I find everything, I'm not buying anymore parts for that build.
  9. I don't feel like listing what I stock because I'm way too lazy. However, I think most people start out buying firearms more based on their perceived use of the platform it's based on, and caliber second. For example, someone wants a small pocket sized handgun, but doesn't like double action, long heavy trigger pulls so his options are very limited. He might find a colt mustang to his liking chambered in .380... it might be enough gun. After you've been buying and shooting a while you might sell off ones you don't like, use, need or want anymore to consolidate calibers...or if you're like a lot of us, you'll just end up buying more than you can remember you have and one day realize you can't get parts or ammo to feed them all. I still don't know why, but I want a .22 short auto loader, a few more 9mms and 45autos, and a S&W .500Mag which I definietely have no use for. I'm pretty sure this could be defined as an addiction.
  10. So far the longest I've found is seven inches (Not counting Roto 4M barrels, which I don't want), but they're standard barrels. I found one willing to make a seven inch in Para Ramp at around $400. Nobody seemed to want to make one any longer and if I eventualy find someone willing and able to make one it's probably going to cost a lot more than $400. So If I could find a frame similar to a P14 with a standard frame ramp, I might consider it. That would make finding a good barrel easier. From what I understand Paras have been really lousy lately anyway. Anybody have a recommendation for a standard ramped frame, all steel double stack in .45? The only one's I know of are Springfield GI Hi cap...discontinued Para Ordinance...Also discontinued, wrong ramp as well Rock Island...Not recommended for use with .460 Rowland by Clark Any options?
  11. I could be wrong, but regardless of the statute, the actual sale occured out of state, so I don't think they could possibly be found guilty of violating any of NJ's laws. I've never been asked for an FID when ordering handgun ammo online, but I don't think I've ordered any handgun ammo through them.
  12. I have the para ramped barrel now, but unfortunately nobody makes a long enough one, for what I want. I want to build another .460 Rowland but with a longer barrel. The barrel I found has a standard ramp, but I am going to try to get another P14 and have a gunsmith weld the frame and machine the standard ramp into it. I ruled out other double stacks for various reasons...nobody seems to make exactly what I want. All this is only if I can find a decent gunsmith and find out what it costs. If they made the para ramp barrels longer I would certainly rather stick to that.
  13. Hypothetically speaking, is there any one around north Jersey you know who could weld up a Para Ordnance frame and machine a standard ramp into the frame so I could have more options with barrels?
  14. Pa has over a million permits now, and with probably only half the total population of texas that's impressive. Pa has got to be at or near the top for ccw's per capita. Once the ag is gone PA will probably only get better. Sorry, Don't know how to post a link properly, but you can copy and paste from here. http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2015/apr/15/jeb-bush/which-state-most-gun-permits/
  15. Well, there's no problem finding this guy. Problem is getting police or anybody to do anything about it. Apparently there are a lot of loop holes in the law. I guess under certain circumstances a business can legally sell thousands of items, not deliver them, close up shop, and there is no recourse to get your money back. A credit card wouldn't have helped because this was a lot more than thirty days. Backordered items.
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