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  1. Nobody is cheaper than Solomons anywhere. It all come down to if Gene has what I need or not to me. Hes had a decent amount of powder lately but no federal GMM primers. Ken
  2. I thought about it. Since time was an issue I purchased one from Giraud tool. Its a great machine, I have no complaints. If this http://fluxeon.com/Annie.html was available at the time I would probably just have purchased one of these. They anneal so fast you can hold the cartridge in the gap, hit the pedal, and drop it in the can or water so fast it doesnt even have time to heat up and burn you. It would be relatively easy to do brass one at a time by hand this way. I know you wanted to save a few bucks, this is just more options. Ken
  3. Yes, yes it is! This is the reason why you need to work up a load for your own gun. All my favorites started from publicized data. You can get a great starting point here http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/ if you dont want to commit to any one manual. Reloading is a hobby within a hobby and can be very rewarding. Ken
  4. When i order I just leave a message with what I need and usually get a call in a day or two for my CC and shipping unless its something thats on backorder. Giraud is a great company to deal with. Ken
  5. full powered Giraud case trimmer here. I went through enough case trimmers that I could have just bought the good one the first time and not been out any more money. Ken
  6. The Giraud trimmer is a 3way trimmer. It trimms length based on the shoulder, puts a 15degree chamfer on the inside of the case mouth, and puts a 45degree chamfer on the outside edge of the case mouth. 3 steps all in one operation. Ken
  7. The answer here is shoot hollow points! They are almost always FMJ with the jacket turned around. I got a good deal on Hornady HAP 10mm bullet heads and Im starting to like them more and more Ken
  8. I guess Ill give them a call. I didnt know they where taking pre orders yet. The Giraud annealer and trimmer are two of the single best things I have ever purchased. Ken
  9. You will just about never get in touch with Solomons with a phone. So many people call that Gene takes the phone off the hook so he can deal with the line that is usually there. After the line is gone he will put the phone back on the hook and it will ring within a minute. Ken
  10. Maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Possibly even longer. Ken
  11. Its really hard to tune out such nonsense. You cant even talk to a fool like that. Good Luck ken
  12. You did the same research I did T Bill! Im sure it will be that or more from Giraud. I like the simplicity of the Giraud though. Load up a stack of brass, set it, turn it on, walk away! I have his regular propane annealer rite now and I love it. I just hate re setting it up every time I change calibers. Ill buy it as an upgrade from them as soon as it becomes available. Ken
  13. You need to lighten your crimp. Turn your seating die out a good full turn so there is no crimp. Reset your seating stem to get you OAL rite and you should no longer be crushing cases. Using lube on the bullet heads is not usually a good idea. You would probably be better off with no crimp and no lube than you are with lube and a crimp. Also, it is far better to crimp after the bullet has been set. Crimp and seat at the same time is a compromise operation. By that I mean that it will neither seat or crimp well at the same time but do both half assed. The same die used in two steps will yeild a far superior finished round. FWIW, I rarely crimp 223, even if there is a canelure. Give it a try with no or very light crimp and see how that works for you Ken
  14. This is the end all of precision annealing. This takes all the setup issues of using a gas torch away. The biggest issue is repeatability. When you change calibers it takes a while to get it set up rite again. With this setup you just have to change the wheels and set the time in the controller and go. Where do I sign up for one!? Take my money Doug! Ken
  15. Since you showed me that it has come up in my dreams...literally! Like I said, If I had property like that I would be broke in less than a month. I would also have a gigantic pile of brass to sort and load. Ken
  16. Wow.. I can actually make this one! as long as nothing else changes Ill be there Ken
  17. Most likely you have your dies set up perfectly. Ive found the 223 to stretch more when oversized (shoulder pushed back to far). Once I set my dies with a case gauge I found that I was pushing the shoulder back way too far. Once I set em rite case trimming was not needed most of the time. Hot loads causes em to stretch but moderate/plinking loads, not so bad. Ken
  18. This is absurd! How can this happen? The laws of this state only apply to the good guys. If that happened to you, me, or anyone else on this forum you know dam well we would be thrown in jail. This state is so dam screwed up and corupt it makes me sick. i just do not know what else to say here.....Im out Ken
  19. Ive never needed them. Its my understanding (as stated above) that you just dont need them unless you are loading lead in rifle calibers and pushing it hard. Ive probably shot a ton of lead out of various caliber pistols with no real problem. Just dont try to push lead too hard and you will be fine. Ken
  20. I have a DPMS in 308 and I can say it is hard on primers. The same load shot out of my M1A has a completely different look to the spent primer. I have never had a punched primer that I could not trace directly back to winchester large rifle primers. What Im saying is I agree with the bad ammo theory. Try something else and see what happens. I also would recommend that you try something NATO (7.62X51) and see if it gets better. The AR10 platform seems to appreciate a tougher primer than your typical .308 Ken
  21. I just registered standupandfightnj.com because I was surprised that it was available. I will donate it if someone wants to make a page. Just throwing it out there. Ken
  22. Im in. The only problem I see so far is that this is fragmented already. There are too many links here. Is anyone web savy enough to start an official page for this fight to concentrate everything in one spot? Ken
  23. Thats good news. It nice to hear that some people still stand behind their stuff. And now we all know that DRT makes 10ring ammo! Ken
  24. I get completely nuts with my 308 brass. Ever heard the saying "theres more than one way to skin a cat"? Just change it to "theres more than one way to load a 308". You will find tons of information that contradict other tons of information. Wait til you get to the part about annealing.... Whats most important is that you use safe reloading practices. Ive found twice the accuracy improvement in bullet choice and precise charge measuring than I have in brass prep. Ken
  25. There is something unsettling about using a grinder to open a can of ammo! Ken
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