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  1. That's the part that makes me the most nervous. Can a bullet guide be welded in? Not to hijack
  2. Have you checked Carolina shooters supply conversion kits? They have full conversion kits for great prices. I finally ordered my kit to do a conversion.
  3. Limit 1. Thanks for the heads up I grabbed a box
  4. It would be dope if it shipped in the bare metal but it says it'll be shipped anodized black which kind of ruins it.
  5. For what shotgun. I'm going to be selling that same stock real soon. Could give you a deal
  6. I like the idea of a super bright light on a qd mount. Keep it in my go bag. Have to agree the ergonomics on the wml are awesome and I like the simplicity of the momentary only pad. I have it on a 45° mount and it's in the perfect spot
  7. Yeah this guy is pretty legit...his Sandy predictions were insanely accurate. I'm looking forward to snow in the jeep. I'm not looking forward to snow days and making days up in June. We'll see what happens. Now get off the forum and start stocking up on milk, bread, and eggs in case the world ends.
  8. For HD instances I find it perfect. Light, simple to use, anf bright IMO...than again I don't have a ton of experience wwith weapon lights...I think 200 lumens and the simple design are great. A tight beam of light that'll do anywhere in my house.
  9. I just got the inforce wml...ridiculously bright and really light.
  10. There's reay no way to describe them other than awesome haha. I love how each album has a different feel to it and Neil's voice is just insane.
  11. Huge Clutch fan here. Will be there friday night.
  12. It came out great! Looking forward to hitting the range. It's always great bringing a new AR into the world haha
  13. Don't be initimidated by building. In my opiniom it's the way to go. Build it the way you want it.
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