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  1. Haha me too. Before that was a Gillette fusion. Since November absolutely nothing. Although I'm thinking of a trim up soon since this beard is getting out of control.
  2. Don't shoot it...give all that .223 to me immediately for disposal.... Just kidding as others have said a 5.56 stamped barrel shoots either 5.56 or .223. Shoot away and enjoy.
  3. Good post. Grabbed a box. Can't believe .22 is so hard to get.
  4. Where in Bergen county? I'd be interested and I'm in lyndhurst.
  5. Good to see. This guy is pretty damned good and helps more than Wayne LaPierre does
  6. The rain drops make it look authentic...shows how we showed up in miserable weather...I've popped up in a few pictures with that sign. Have to give a shout out to DJ_ who took my image and made it into a sign with the flag in the background. Glad I laminated, didn't get destroyed and is ready for the next rally
  7. I was the guy with the safe family gun guide. The one with the pistols for muggers, carjackers, and rapists...shotgun for burglars...AR for those who try to take them.
  8. You got a pic of me...wish I had known you were a forum member at the time i would've said what's up
  9. I'm in...we should all get hotel rooms and take DC by storm after the rally
  10. We got about 7-8 inches here...just drove around for about an hour...been waiting for snow since I bought the jeep haha
  11. I think it was close to 1000 at its highest point around 11ish. People dwindled in late and out early so it was hard to judge but at one pint it was packed straight back to the street
  12. Good meeting you and your mother Rob
  13. I'd say there was easily 1500+ there at the height of the event. It started dwindling toward the end and I have to admit I cut out around 1230ish because I was soaked to the bone.
  14. Good seeing so many pro-2A people there despite the weather. Glad to see I even made one of the pics posted on this thread haha. Which one were you Millsan? I was the guy with the safe family gun guide
  15. I have a wvu hat and parka on. I'm holding a bag with a big sign in it. I'll be tough to miss haha
  16. Taking the 7:31 to Secaucus. See you all there.
  17. It was $10 to laminate. I PMed you about it. Considering they forgot to charge me for the foam board it really wasn't bad haha
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