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  1. This is why I bailed on Ford years ago. I had an engine just about fall out of an escort. The two main bolts sheared. I had the extended warranty, Ford did not cover it. They agreed it was a defect, but the warranty covered the engine mount and not the bolts in the block. They also denied the appeal, the bolt part numbers were not covered. Seems nothing has changed since then. Glad I didn’t go for that F150, don’t they have this same engine.
  2. Try Sous-vide for ribs, 24 hours at 167 degrees, the meat falls off the bones and melts in your mouth
  3. Fernandina Beach has several free boat launch areas. Well maintained by the county, plenty of parking, easily handles the larger triple-axel boats. From there you can go St Mary’s river to the ocean (Navy dredges it for the submarines), or down the Amilia river to the St Johns. For purchasing a dock, the time to buy was 10 years ago. Lots of development now. Definitely contact a realtor. You can also check out the Georgia side of the river, it’s not built up at all, and nothing new going in yet.
  4. True, happening in my sleepy little section of FL. The transplants got one of their own in the nearby town board, and his first set of proposals are for parking meters and beach badges. The concept of free beaches is just too much for the nj transplants to handle, the message boards are hilarious. The existing locals are livid, but their days are numbered. I live on county land, and stick to the county beaches, they are nicer and not affected by this new nonsense as there are too many locals in the rural areas to prevent the wind flipping.
  5. Going for the Yak Trax standard model, thanks everyone!
  6. For the YakTrax, is the base model with the ringed bands fine, or is it worth the upgrade price to get the jogging edition with the front spikes? thanks!
  7. Does anyone have any experience with those Ice Cleats that strap around your shoes/boots (size 11)? Looking for something that can be put on fairly easy/quickly to navigate icy sidewalks and parking lot, then removed when inside an office building. I don’t need outdoor hiking grade. Amazon reviews are all over the place, to the point I really don’t trust them. Thanks!
  8. I was going to say if you had some scrap 2x4 around, easy enough to make one. However, for that price it’s a good idea. You will mostly be using just the front piece, may consider this one: https://www.amazon.com/Caldwell-Adjustable-Ambidextrous-Handgun-Shooting/dp/B001ABQT9E/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=caldwell+handy+rest&qid=1576594397&sr=8-2
  9. I have the dual cylinder Blackhawk, it’s very nice. Would like a da/sa revolver in 9mm. Which would be better quality, this RockIsland or the Taurus 692 convertible, 7 shot 6.5" ported, in 357mag / 9mm? Is anyone else slated to make something new next year?
  10. Interesting article, but this is what happens when you don’t read the manual. People can watch you take a dump, or toss your pistol over the wall to unjam it. I think an interesting discussion is if my neighbors have an argument on their lawn and my camera captures it. Would this not be the same as any spectator filming on their cell phone, like you see on the news all the time?
  11. You can opt-out of this: ”Only content that a Neighbors user chooses to share on the Neighbors App is publicly accessible through the Neighbors App or by your local law enforcement.”
  12. I am thoroughly enjoying The Mandalorian, I am not even interested anymore in Ep 9.
  13. Well, not that you know of, those parasites can lay dormant for decades. Did you ever watch that show monsters inside me?
  14. Some septic systems have pumps to operate, remember to power them as well
  15. I have the Costco version of this one, with 3 propane tanks. And a small window ac unit (no need for backup heat in FL). I can run the ac, fridge, internet and gaming pc for several days on this. Unplug the ac for the microwave when needed.
  16. You need to sell all 5 items to people in different states. Take the list and bury it in a capsule. This way your great great grandchildren can enjoy the hunt of re-acquiring the set again. Your legacy will live on! That, or one of your heirs will just garage sale the pile to buy a new cappuccino machine.
  17. Then why when these people leave, they vote in the same types to create the same mess they just left?
  18. No time to go out, swamped with all the stuff on Disney+
  19. Nice! How is the fit on your frame?
  20. Yup, loved my 226, and so did my son, now I have the 92 a1with the rounded trigger guard, rail, dovetail front site. I bought the Beretta rubber grips, much thinner and nicer than the stock plastic, the d spring, and the Wilson metal guide rod. It’s really nice!
  21. Sig P226 The Beretta, as you say, is really nice. There are also quite a bit of aftermarket and customizations available, conversion kits, as well as plenty of inexpensive mag options.
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