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  1. Hey Gents, I've got a deal on a Scar 17 from a buddy in PA. I was going to have him ship it from his FFL to my LGS. I called my LGS about the transfer and they didn't want to do the compliance work and do the transfer citing "liability" but they have a scar 17 there that they'd be willing to sell me for $600 more than I'm purchasing in PA, same gun NIB... in fact the Scar I'm picking up comes with two additional magazines and 200 rds of ammo... But I digress. I'm not willing to pay $3500 for a Scar 17, but I'm sure other people would so capitalism being what it is with a free market economy and all, It is what it is. What I'm looking for is a local FFL that will do the complience work to the Scar to make it Jersey Legal. If all else fails I'll see if my buddy can just get the work done in PA and send it to my FFL "Jersey Legal".
  2. From what I've read @ lightfighter.net it's a pretty solid buy at a sub $2000 pricepoint. I don't have any 1st hand experience with it, I almost bought one last year @ $1700 but I decided to wait for the early adopters to give feedback , I should have pulled the trigger last year!
  3. Great Transaction! Super easy to deal with , a genuine good dude. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again!
  4. Great Transaction! Super easy to deal with , a genuine good dude. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again!
  5. My 1st .45 was a px4, great gun. If I was looking at a bug though I'd probably go with the Beretta Nano.
  6. Here's a pic of the 454 for scale if you haven't seen it, there's no damn way id hump that around! =)
  7. Thanks pizza bob, I checked out the ad on gb but I'm not a fan of buying something like that online without being able to see it in person, but I appreciate your sending me the link. Now, the reason I'm buying the 329pd as opposed to the Alaskan or Smitty's mountain gun is because I plan on doing some hiking and camping out west in brown bear country. I don't know your background but if you've been hiking with a ruck on your back, you already know that ounces add up to pounds and pounds add up to pain. The 329pd is specially made for the purpose in which I intend to use it. I don't need extra weight on one side of my hip. If that were the case, I'd strap on my raging judge 454 lol. I've shot the 329pd before , it's got some sting with the ahrends grips and a cylinder of 240gr in it. With the hogue xframe grips its pretty manageable. The 360pd with 357's in it is far more brutal in my opinion. Everyone isn't recoil sensitive and this gun isn't for target shooting, it's a tool to save my ass in case of a "worst case scenario". In reality I should be bringing a long gun, but it's just not practical.
  8. Ha! That x meme never gets old...Seriously though that product ? it's retarded... Use a normal laser if that's your thing. I'm not a fan of lasers for shotguns , and certainly not green ones that send a line straight back to your pos, but for range fun and a "look what toy I have" factor... I could see it I guess. Some things people buy simply because they're cool , and nothing's wrong with that...
  9. Great spot, picked up some ammo today, they have ar's if you're in the market.
  10. I was @ Luciano's in woodland park 3 hours ago and they had some left, there was a guy there buying their last Sig. People are snatching all of them up. If you find one, don't even bother negotiating. lol it's a sellers market.
  11. I stopped by on Monday with the family, the place looks great , they have a massive selection & the staff is awesome! I posted the Grand Opening on my FB...Everyone needs to patronize it!
  12. I clean with clp & lube the bcg with mobil-1.
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