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  1. I shoot at both Monmouth County (2nd Sun) and Central Jersey (4th Sun). My rig was custom made by Rudy at Blackhills Leather in TX. Shotgun shell belt by an other sass member who shoots both ranges also. Using a Stoeger 12 ga SxS Coach. My lever is a Marlin 1873. Pistols are Ruger Vaquero. All 3 are in .45lc Best thing to do is to start doing your own reloads. Most matches are on average 100 rds of pistol & rifle, 20 rds or so of shotgun. If you have time, this weekend at Central Jersey there is the State Championship. Purgatory in the Pines. There will be some vendors on site. Last year there was a gentleman doing leather work, another doing engraving and another selling period clothing. I'll be there tomorrow just as a spectator. I can bring my rig for you to see and try on, or at least get an idea of where to measure for sizing. I need to send mine back to get it resized, getting sick causes changes but in a good way. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk
  2. I'm for the adoption option also. Just know that there are rescues out there that specialize in certain breeds, just Google your area. Not sure about the Huskies but when I adopted my girl Jazzy, I was approved through 2 different Boxer Rescues. There were about 5 rescues that operated from MD to CT for Boxers and just as many for English Bulldogs, though that was 7 yrs ago at the end of the month when I got her so things might have changed a little. Best $300 donation I made. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Took the class at Heritage Guild on 8-11, mailed the paperwork on Sat 8-17. Received the permit any where from 9-12 till today when I went to my po box. Issue date is 9-10 Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Was there yesterday and had a lot more activities than last year. Or at least it seemed like it to me. Had a great time. Would really like to thank Smoking .50 for helping me out. My little cousin Anthony loved that he got to fire the cannon. Props to the entire crew of the GSBPA, great lil family. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  5. The "funky quad barrel" sounds like it is an old "Pepper Box". A "Gentleman's" pocket pistol, beefed up Derringer. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  6. As others have said no need for the Rubi unless you're going to do off road. Hell even a stock jeep is quite capable of doing a lot. One other thing to check while doing a test drive is to check the 4 wheel drive. Be sure to check both 4 hi and lo. Especially lo, rookies tend to grind the gears cause you can't readily change on "the fly" like you can into hi. Good luck on your search Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  7. You can also Google breed specific rescues in the area and go from there. I rescued one of my boxers from Adopt A Boxer Rescue. I know there are at least 4 boxer rescues "working" in the tri-state area. Good luck on your search. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  8. From the choices, I'd go with the Springfield. Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Get them. I've got them in .45LC and love them for Cowboy shoots. Been bouncing around the idea of getting a set in .357 but they're lower on my wish list. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  10. 3 things that will clog the filter quickly are smoking, pets and how "dusty" the house is over all. I lived in place above a pizza shop and if I dusted in the morning, it didn't look like I did the next morning. For those with older systems or just want to "cheat", spray your filter with a non flavored cooking spray like Pam (store brands are fine). You'll change your filter more often but the oil will collect more of the unwanted. If you use a scented one keep in mind your entire home will smell of that scent As already stated clean the coils cause once the air flow is restricted you're in trouble. Think about how well you can breath with a plastic bag over your head.
  11. Off roading, prefer rock crawling over the mud holes. Kayaking Bike riding Fresh water fishing Black powder hunting Cooking, smoker n grilling. Folks seem to really like my ribs n pulled pork. Baking I find it really relaxing to prepare a huge holiday dinner from start to finish. Appetizers to desserts. Even clean up is easy since I do that as I go along. Used to go motorcycling but it's just to scary any more, people got their heads up their butts.
  12. If anyone is interested, I'll be heading out tomorrow morning, 4-21, to Range 14. Should be there around 1100. I'll be there with my cousin and his son. Wearing a White "Jersey Joe's Cigars" t-shirt, should be easy to spot.
  13. I just dug up all my paperwork. I did the initial "sit down" with Ewing PD on 9-3-10, Initial FID and 1 P2P. Was told the process will actually start after I called in that my Fingerprints had been completed which was 10-19-10 (late afternoon). Made the call and waited, was told it would be about 8 weeks. Perfect right before Christmas/New Years. I got side tracked with that season and it wasn't till mid-Jan that I called for an update. That's when my so called "Pro-gun" reference didn't return his paperwork, though he said he did. Possibly true, however my very ANTI gun reference returned her paperwork without issue. She simply, as a lawyer, understood my 2A right though it wasn't for her. She also asked me to not discuss any purchases with her, NO problem there--Thank you dear. I gave my PD another reference that I could completely trust and after she returned the paperwork my FID was issued on 2-10-11. On top of the 2 St-033 and Mental Health forms, I had to submit a Biographical Data form. Wanting 10 years of residence and employment info. Another Domestic Violence Inquiry Form, basically same questions on the ST-033. Lastly a notarized Release Authorization Form, basically everybody the PD contacted during the investigation was to release my info. I filed for 3 P2P on 6-30-11, used the same 2 ladies on my initial application. Was told since I used the same references there was no need to contact them again. Got those on 7-27-11. Got an extension on 2 of them on 10-25-11 without issue. I needed to fill out 2 ST-033 for these . I just filed for 2 P2P, Max the PD will allow, on 4-9-13. Told I could hear back in 3 to 7 weeks, all depends on the NJSP. Again used the same 2 ladies for my references and the 2 copies of ST-033. Was told because of the up to 15 business days for NICS to return the OGAM doesn't really apply anymore and this is why the Chief, I presume, decided to make it a 2 permit max. We never did discuss extensions, though. Should note he's not happy with the way the system is working. Will update once they come in. Lastly, for those in Ewing and have been dealing with Jack for all these past years, He is OFFICIALLY Retiring at the end of June. He doesn't know who will be his replacement yet but it will be an officer on the force. Those that don't know, Jack has put a total of 38 years on the force. After retiring from EPD, he came back to work Part Time to run the Firearms, Taxi and Liquor License, usually only 2 days a week. He said it's run its course and it is now time to kick the feet up between here and FL. Will be interesting to see how much things change after he leaves.
  14. My cousins and I haven't been to Cabela's since the beginning of Dec. Had to see first hand how the shelves looked. Here's the break down. There is a 5 box limit on pistol and rifle ammo, any combo. There was also a limit on .22lr but there wasn't a round to be found so I didn't pay no mind to the details. As of this afternoon there was plenty of .223 PMC $10/ 20 ct box .45 acp PMC (IIRC) $24/ 50 ct box 7.62x54r Herter's Steel case $13/ 20 ct box 30-06 various makes and prices What they didn't have in stock was 9mm .38 .357 .40 .45LC (hoping to find some for me) Though I was talking to one employee and he told me that at the time of opening they had all of these in stock. By noon time it was gone. However, he did tell me that if I were to call before coming up, I could request a hold on ammo, if they had it in stock, till I could get up there later that day. If not, it would save me the 4 hour round trip drive. Really like that this was offered. Shotgun there was some various Target and Turkey loads in bulk and various smaller packs. Sorry didn't get more specs on them. There were also some 12 ga 00Buck in various makes, Remington and Royal Buck I recall. Prices were all over, $6 for Remington 5 pack, $33 for Remington 15 pack (didn't look at specs) and the Royal Buck was $19 for 25 ct box. My cousin bought these. Shells are a clear plastic with a disk in place of the crimped end. You can see how the 9 pellets are placed in the shell, which is pretty cool. For those that are into reloading.......plain and simple. There wasn't Chite for supplies at ALL. As for firearms, again NOTHING worth noting IMHO. They did have a Sig 556 for $2700, if anyone is interested. What I was looking for in the way of a revolver, just to hold in my hand to get an idea of how it would feel, was in the case. But since it's not ideal to buy a pistol from there, I didn't really look in detail. Hope this helps for anyone thinking about going out that way.
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