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  1. X2 Great instructional movie. I learned the most from Tackleberry.
  2. Merry Christmas-W2MC Remember .50 was developed for women and midgets.
  3. The sad part is if people keep "crying wolf" all the time, these lock downs will start to be meaningless. Kind of like the car alarm that always goes off at the mall that no one pays attention to.
  4. Ok understood. Also I am jealous of that S&B short dot, maybe one day I'll have one.
  5. With a std FSB and a T1 in a LT660 and a std FSB and a PRO. I have been using fixed rear sights. Why the folding rear buis on the T1 guys? (Just curious, not attacking)
  6. Good news indeed! I couldn't cut up a perfectly good sling for those clips.
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