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  1. Lower is a Palmetto State Armory with a DD LPK and a RRA 2-stage Match trigger Magpul grip and Magpul MOE trigger guard. RRA A2 Stock and Buffer. Upper is built with BCM parts. BCM upper receiver, BCM BCG and BCM MOD 3 CH. The barrel I used was a new BCM 20" SAM-R SS410 Barrel with a rifle length gas system 1:8 twist that I had ADCO cut down to 18" with a target crown. It has a 5.56 NATO Match chamber. Troy VTAC Alpha free float Rail. Burris P.E.P.R. Scope mount with a Redfield Revolution 2-7 X 33MM Scope. Rifle has approx 1500 rounds through it. Great shooting Sub- MOA gun. No magazines included NJ FID Required. I will pay the transfer fee at my local FFL. Asking $850.00
  2. This is a Colt Match Target Lightweight Build. I built it as my version of a fictitious Colt Mid-length lightweight NJ-compliant rifle. It has a Colt Match Target M4 Fixed position stock with a BCM H2 buffer. The upper receiver is a Colt M4, with a Colt M4 BCG and charging handle and a Matech rear flip up sight. The upper has a brand new Daniel Defense 16" Mid-Length 5.56 Lightweight CHF 1:7 barrel with a Branson brake pinned to the end by ADCO. It includes a brand new Aimpoint Pro and a Surefire P2X 500 Lumen light in a IWC mount as well as an IWC sling mount. It has only been fired to test function. No magazines included. I am asking $1150.00 for it. NJ FID card required. I will pay for the transfer at my local FFL
  3. X2 Great instructional movie. I learned the most from Tackleberry.
  4. Merry Christmas-W2MC Remember .50 was developed for women and midgets.
  5. The sad part is if people keep "crying wolf" all the time, these lock downs will start to be meaningless. Kind of like the car alarm that always goes off at the mall that no one pays attention to.
  6. Ok understood. Also I am jealous of that S&B short dot, maybe one day I'll have one.
  7. With a std FSB and a T1 in a LT660 and a std FSB and a PRO. I have been using fixed rear sights. Why the folding rear buis on the T1 guys? (Just curious, not attacking)
  8. Good news indeed! I couldn't cut up a perfectly good sling for those clips.
  9. Damn HE, I got #3 wrong. I thought CS was company secretary.
  10. If you need another recommendation: Steven Brown Home Smart Inspections LLC Flemington, NJ 08822 908-581-8592
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