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  1. Hello Everyone! going to be selling my AR15, Has anyone sold anything through a gun shop in North NJ? Looking for places that people have had experiences with. Thank you!!!
  2. Hey, Definitely! i would rather give you guys the business, i have a compensator on it already, if you give me an email address i can send you pictures of my setup tonight, I ordered a Handguard and bolt carrier from LaRue Tactical today, when i get them i'll drop by your place and drop it off. Do you guys do this in house or do you send it out somewhere?
  3. thank you for the offer, i just called the gunsmith in paterson and they will only charge me $55 to finish out my rifle, more than worth it, i'm just gonna take it to them.
  4. so pricing out all these parts are gonna cost almost as just buying a new rifle, i'm gonna call G & S Huntersllc/ Paterson Gunsmithing today and see how much they charge for their services.
  5. Thanks guys, i just found a series of very detailed videos on the whole build from this guy http://www.youtube.com/user/gavintoobe/videos gonna price check the tools from brownells.com and give it a go.
  6. hey yea my barrel is not installed yet, that's basically why i'm asking for a gunsmith, i don't have the proper tools to do it myself, i've done alot of reading over at AR15.com and i could probably get the rest done after the barrel is mounted already. sorry i should have been more clear in my opening post! thanks!
  7. I'm in Wanaque, NJ right by Pompton Lakes.
  8. Years ago i started building a AR15 with a friend of mine who was more experienced at this, I lost contact with him and i want to finally finish my AR, I have a complete lower and just need to finish the upper, From what i remember I just need the handguard & Bolt Carrier. Can anyone recommend a gunsmith i could take this to help me finish this project? Thanks guys!
  9. Welcome! from your neighbor over in wanaque
  10. hehe, I have a Smith & Wesson M&P .9mm Full size no thumb safety and in the process of finishing my AR-15, just need the handguard & Bolt Carrier i'm picking up from LaRue Tactical
  11. Good morning everyone, wanted to introduce myself, my name is Will, been a NJ resident most of my life, and like all of you have had to struggle with the gun laws in this state and how long they take to do everything. I just moved to north Passaic County and was thinking of joining the Cherry Ridge range, while looking it up online i saw videos on youtube posted from some of you and that's what brought me here!. I called yesterday but they said registration only happens every first Sunday of the month so April 3rd can't come soon enough. My love and appreciation for firearms brought me to this site and i hope to learn from all of you as well as make new friends!.
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