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  1. So, you're saying it's a good time to be a real estate agent?
  2. ? Yes, they can lose their seat in a primary. Yes, they can still lose their seat in the general election. If you want to say they lose the right to run for reelection, that's fine, either way it's the same outcome. But based on the evidence, NJ doesn't want change and is happy with the establishment shitbags and the corruption. So no, they won't lose in the general either. NJ will still be a 1 party controlled State come November. The governors position is the least of the problems in this State.
  3. I just checked the results for all contested seats in the Senate and Assembly. Not one Incumbent lost their seat. This State is truly fucked.
  4. Great, another Trenton establishment politician (shitbag) is the nominee. So now a vote for Phil or Jack is basically a vote for the same thing. Just they way they want it. Are that many people in NJ just that fucking dumb or are they just really ok with more of the same corrupt bullshit? Anyway, I more interested to know if any Incumbent D (senate or assembly)lost their seats in the primary. Anybody know? My district had no primary challengers to the democrat incumbents, of course.
  5. How about your standard capacity 30rd mags? Still got them? Your 15rd mags? This is the thinking that gets us to where we are today.
  6. You're right, they don't ever face any consequences, they have total immunity, which of course they gave themselves through unconstitutional legislation.
  7. Could easily take years. And that doesn't even guarantee SCOTUS would hear the case. This is all by design. The shitbag politicians write unconstitutional laws, as fast as overnight, full well knowing it will take up to a decade to make its way through the court system. Meanwhile while we try to fight that law, they enact 20 more of the same bullshit.
  8. Yes. NJ is politically controlled by ghettos and shitholes. Enter Essex, Hudson, and Camden Counties. Wanna guess where the majority of our 1,000,000+ illegals live?
  9. Victory? A victory would have been the elimination of FID card and P2P's.
  10. Your going to be really disappointed when you figure out how NJ works. The State is politically controlled by ghettos and shitholes. Every branch of government is one party controlled. You're not changing anything.
  11. You are in a State that is controlled by one party at every branch of Government. You will lose. BTW, how do like those red flag laws that you were so eager to enforce/endorse yourself? And, of course, using the I was/am a cop angle to create the perception that somehow he is more special then everyone else. Should have moved to a "free" State. That being said, good luck.
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