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  1. Idk, I've eaten at Peter Luger's (both in Brooklyn and Great Neck), and I find it's way overrated. I prefer their burgers over their steaks. Their steaks are chewy and tough most of the time. I prefer Arthur's in Morris Plains over Luger's any day. But then agian, I also like Charlie Brown's queen cut prime rib, so what the hell do I know. Did anyone mention Steve's Sizziling Steaks on Rte 17? The damned saltiest steaks you will ever have, but they are delicious. (Yep, 3 posts above, hahahaha)
  2. I would take a BMX bike to the Tour De France.
  3. NJM
  4. Ask me how I know.
  5. Insurance companies are hip to the unsafe operation ticket and will penalize for it. And to the OP as far as failure to signal, I don't know if you did or didn't signal, but I am glad see cops still giving tickets for this. The new norm seems to be not to use your signal to change lanes anymore, and I for one would like to see a crackdown on this. Failure to maintain lane is also a huge problem nowadays.
  6. He drank the whole damned thing before anyone else got a chance.
  7. That reminds me @Zeke still owes me a case of Sam Adams. Burgers. One of my favorite burger places is Broome St Bar & Grill, Broome St Manhattan. They serve them in a pita pocket.
  8. Kudos for her bringing a law suit. BUT, the 2nd amendment is not about hunting or competitive sports. Let's get back to basics and sue for it's true intentions.
  9. Yeah, let's sue PA. Because Jersey laws don't need suing first.
  10. I was just down at the Home Depot. I picked up a few gallons of white privilege. High gloss. Going to paint the whole house with it.
  11. So, in a State of emergency, the most probable time when you would need to defend yourself, you are stripped of that right. This stuff is just unbelievable.
  12. POS? I guess that's relative to what you plan on doing with it. I wouldn't use it a HD weapon or take it to the front lines in Afghanistan, but as a range toy it's suitable.
  13. Most likely carry permits. I work with a lot of guys from NY. They always told me it costs about $3000-$4000 to get your NYC carry permit.
  14. Personally, I would not break my muzzle, but instead, I would get a muzzle BRAKE for it.
  15. Doesn't matter. I just looked it up and PA doesn't honor MD or NY. Actually PA only honors 25 States. But I still think they just hate us Jersey folk coming there to walk around with guns.