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  1. Approximate location might help you out a little.
  2. My flu would come and go. I would think I was over it, then the next day it was back. Then I would feel great, then back again. Went on for about 2 weeks before I finally shook it
  3. Interestingly my doctor kept mentioning coughing. I didn't cough even once. But no, no difficulty breathing.
  4. I had the "Flu" over Christmas this year. I wonder if I had it?
  5. How do they plan on suing when all the courts are shut down too?
  6. But, but, but, the police are here to protect us! You know, "protect and serve" something something.
  7. 14,000rds of Remington Golden Bullet 36gr hp for the basement bargain price of $13,999.
  8. That wasn't a 911. Just saying. I have a dash cam.
  9. Can I start selling my 22lr for $1 a round yet?
  10. I'm going out tonight @ 10pm in my 911 Turbo S. The roads should be empty. Let's see if they can catch me.
  11. Facts and logic don't matter right now. The fed just lowered rates to zero, ON A SUNDAY EVENING, means they know shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow.
  12. What vehicles do you have that run like crap or better on certain gas? What octane? There is barely any difference in modern gas brands.
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