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  1. "Accidently". Isn't that the term exclusively reserved for government employess?
  2. I don't know about that. I'm in Morris county. I have kids in High School in the town I live in. The entire student body are Trump supporters. They drive around with Trump 2020 and Maga flags on their vehicles. Gives me hope.
  3. This map can also be used as the "best and worst" places to live in NJ.
  4. Sure about that? I've bought a rifle from Tanners and they did the NJ paperwork and backround check.
  5. So, I just received this letter from my auto and home insurer. Seems NJ is looking to pass legislation that will cause rates to go up. I found it odd that my insurance company would send out a political letter like this, but I'm glad they did. I had no idea this was going on. Discuss. Bills: S-2144 & A-3850/A-4293 Letter Attached:
  6. I told you guys this would be tied up in court for years. Regardless of what Anthony says.
  7. Advantage Arms makes 22lr conversations (complete uppers) for the Glock 17,19,&26 in gen 3&4 for the longest time. Perfectly reliable as a 22 can be.
  8. But many on here told me this was the 2A case to end all 2A cases. Something... something... scrutiny... something .
  9. Every house that comes up for sale in my neighborhood sells within 4 days for asking price or over asking. Just to put things in perspective. This is first hand real news.
  10. Same questions asked 10 different ways. Doesn't take a genius to alter their results for a desired outcome.
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