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  1. LE, absolutely will. US Military, not so much. US Military are true Americans, totally different breed.
  2. Wait, the government and it's employees failed at every possible level surrounding this shooting, so I should give up my guns. OK, Got it.
  3. Really? Last time I checked no new laws were passed. Call Tom at Oak Ridge Firearms. He is on Rte 23. My brother in law just purchased a couple DD rifles from him.
  4. You can shoot slugs on the 50/100yd rifle range. No Buckshot.
  5. Hickok45 Sig P365 Review:
  6. Well, as said, 100k ain't getting you anywhere. But, if you can secure the financing to open one, you will do good. The gun range market (indoor or outdoor) in NJ is far from being saturated.
  7. Because you guys come on here bragging how you buy your ammo at great prices online without needing to show an FID. Then you list all the sites that sell to you without an FID. Whatever branch of NJ government that monitors this site takes notes. Now they went around to all the sites you listed and either told them or threatened them to require an copy of your FID. Targetsportsusa just started this also. Good going. Remember, you are a prisoner of this State you live in.
  8. Glad to see Captain Mark Kelly is still whoring out his mentally disabled wife to the gun control lobby.
  9. I guess we won't be able to use the term "single stack 9's" to define this class of pistol anymore.
  10. New York is doing the same ..... https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/concealed-carry-
  11. Glock 19 versions on GB $399 all day (black not nickle). One guy has 18 of them. Not hard to find at all. I also prefer to buy this new.
  12. I saw that. I can get one new for less than what he wants. I don't have to have the nickel finish.
  13. Will do.
  14. So the only difference between the 17 and 19 model is the grip, which can be switched out easily?