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  1. Priced reduced to $350 for this weekend only. Transfer needs to be done at FSS Armory in Pine Brook, I'm not willing to travel much at this price.
  2. Interesting. So basically, while driving through SC just unholster and put in glove box.
  3. Ok, so I guess there is no way for us to legally carry in SC then. It would be nice to be able drive from NJ to FL legally. That would work, fingers crossed.
  4. How do you carry in South Carolina? Between NJ, PA Non Resident, and a Utah Non Resident, I still can't carry in SC. SC doesn't issue Non Resident unless you own property there. They did honor FL, but is FL still issuing permits now that they are permitless?
  5. Sig P365 standard grip module. No manual safety model. New, never used. $40 local pickup in Whippany, or $45 shipped. Cash, MO, Check, oe Zelle.
  6. FSS Armory in Pine Brook. Highly recommend.
  7. The 365's are not the 320's and don't have any of the problems the 320's had/have. I'm up to a couple thousand rounds though my 365's and have not had one single hiccup. And they never went off by themselves. I have 100% confidence in them. I switched over to the 365 line up for many reasons. The trigger is much better than the Glock triggers. Better reset, take up, and break, they also come with flat trigger shoes (except for the standard 365, which can be switched to the flat trigger). Optic cut slides are standard in the lineup. Modularity, you can buy 1 FCU and make 4 different guns by switching grip modules and slides around. But the biggest reason for me was the magazine capacities, compatibility, and options. This is where Glock really screwed the pooch. Glock 43 mags are not compatible with the 43x/48 mags and the whole lineup has substandard capacity and no options. The standard 365 has a capacity of 10rds whereas the 43 is 6rds, and they are the same size guns (Sig might be a tad smaller). The 365x/xl has the same grip length as the 43x/48 and is a 12rd capacity vs 10rds for the Glocks (factory 10rd mags are also available for the 365x/xl so you can be NJ compliant). The 12rd mags also adapt to the standard 365. Then you have the option for factory 17rd(!!) mags for the 365 lineup (Yes, this is a moot point for now, because f _ _ _ _ NJ), whereas their are no factory options for higher capacity in the 43 lineup. Yes, I know there are aftermarket 15rd for the 43x/48, but there is always huge debates about factory vs aftermarket mags, I'll just leave it at that. You also get night sights standard on all the 365's. Like I said, I'm a big Glock fan, maybe even a fanboy, but I couldn't deny how superior the 365 series is in this segment. The only downside to the 365 family, at least for me, was the mag release. It was too low profile for me to manipulate without having to change my grip, but I resolved that issue with aftermarket mag releases. FWIW, they shoot great too. I can shoot 200-300 rds in a session without tiring out.
  8. I had the 43, 43x, and 48. I sold them off and replaced them with the Sig P365, 365x, and 365xl. As much as a Glock fan that I am, Sig got it right when it came to this class of guns, Glock missed the mark. Everything is just better about the Sig. Give them a look before buying.
  9. diamondd817

    New Glock 42

    Get a Uplula speed loader. It works great for the 42 mags, and it won't damage anything. https://www.maglula.com/product/uplula/ Edit: Unless that is what you meant you already have? If so, you're good to go. I use it with my 42 mags all the time.
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