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  1. Your going to be really disappointed when you figure out how NJ works. The State is politically controlled by ghettos and shitholes. Every branch of government is one party controlled. You're not changing anything.
  2. You are in a State that is controlled by one party at every branch of Government. You will lose. BTW, how do like those red flag laws that you were so eager to enforce/endorse yourself? And, of course, using the I was/am a cop angle to create the perception that somehow he is more special then everyone else. Should have moved to a "free" State. That being said, good luck.
  3. Sorry, I just woke from a long winters nap.
  4. Remember this guy? I AM THE MAJORITY! Full Gun Rights Speech MUST WATCH - YouTube Well, he became Lt. Governor of North Carolina. Mark Robinson for NC How Mark Robinson beat Bloomberg's billions to become NC's Lt. Gov. (nypost.com) NC lt. governor-elect aims to work across aisle with Gov. Cooper (wxii12.com) --------
  5. diamondd817

    Glock 34

    Simple physics says that, if set up exactly the same, you would be faster with the 17. That being said, the 34 is the most popular gun at competitions.
  6. It will never get to his desk. Not even if we had the house too. And just say it did, States such as NJ, NY, etc, will cry States rights, bla, bla, bla, something, something, and tie it up in courts for years. You are never going to be able to carry in NJ, accept that fact.
  7. Maple Grove is a within driving range for a day trip. I went there last year. No pro mods though.
  8. Yep, appox 1,400hp per cylinder. Get you some of that! I love the smell of nitromethane in the morning. Burns the eyes. Oh, so nice.
  9. 11,000hp and probably a hairline crack in that chassis. That's how it happened. If you never experienced top fuel racing in person, it's really hard to describe. You need to go at least once in your lifetime. You can see the the tires expand and chassis bow as they accelerate down the track. It's almost physics defying and seems like a cartoon. In the words of my daughter her first time seeing top fuel dragsters go down the track at full power -"that looked fake". And the sound, oh the sound. And btw, FU Englishtown. Another American tradition cancelled.
  10. To be clear, everything about NJ is a joke. NJ is the model for the rest of the world of what not to do.
  11. I have the 365 and Glocks also. The trigger is different, it is a thud instead of a click. It will never be like the Glock trigger no matter what you do. If you can't live with it, get a 43. Same trigger as your 19. Glock triggers are the same across the line. That's the one great thing about Glocks. I personally would leave the 365's trigger factory, for reliability, based on it's intended purpose.
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