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  1. diamondd817

    Good 22LR Revolver

    I had S&W model 63 which is a steel framed 22lr revolver. It was downright boring to shoot, absolutely no recoil or feedback at all. If money isn't a issue, I would go with a S&W 317 which is an aluminum framed 22lr. It is very light, which makes 22lr a little more exciting to shoot. I have no experience with the Ruger or Heritage. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/model-317-kit-gun
  2. Out of Stock...haha https://www.brownells.com/ammunition/rifle-ammo/lake-city-5-56mm-nato-xm855-bulk-barrel-prod124685.aspx?avad=avant&aid=7645&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Itwine-_-Avantlink-_-Custom+Link&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_content=NA&utm_campaign=Itwine
  3. How much does the 12,500rd barrel weigh? 350-400lbs?
  4. Pittsburgh. Isn't that place another Democratic ghetto like Newark and/or Camden?
  5. Yep. And all while protecting thousands of violent illegal aliens.
  6. diamondd817

    Bergen County Prosecutor Says LEOs Not exempt

    This is a big nothingburger. Seriously, who is going to enforce it?
  7. diamondd817

    Why Outlawing Guns Doesn't Work

    And it's funny how some American politicians like to point to Venezuela as a model that we should embrace. GTFO of here.
  8. diamondd817

    Wine Recommendations

    I see what you did there.
  9. diamondd817

    Wine Recommendations

    This is going to turn into a 9 vs 45 debate. But seriously, nothing less than Opus 1 will do.
  10. diamondd817

    Wine Recommendations

    Love that MD 20/20
  11. diamondd817

    Bergen County Prosecutor Says LEOs Not exempt

    Doesn't matter. Nobody is getting jammed up.
  12. diamondd817

    Bergen County Prosecutor Says LEOs Not exempt

    Like it really matters anyway. When is the last time you heard a cop getting arrested for having LCM's?
  13. diamondd817

    WTS: 12g 00 12 Pellet Buck

    SOLD to BobA....
  14. 220 rds of NobleSport 12 gauge 00 12 pellet buckshot for sale. This stuff is hot. Local pickup in Morris County, near Morristown. $100 - cash only