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  1. Maybe you can store them at a firearm storage place such as FSS in Whippany. Then have them shipped to you when you are moved in? I don't know if they will ship them for you, not sure of the legalities of that. But you can definitely come back and ship them to yourself. Just thinking out loud here.
  2. Too far, otherwise I would take it.
  3. Ha. House I grew up in was built in 1970. Had 1 blue bathroom, 1 yellow bathroom, and 1 pink bathroom. Where you located?
  4. Is it that 1970's blue?
  5. Glock Gen 5
  6. I never seen water/drain pipes made from conduit. Looks like an old service or a sub panel. The larger pipe was probably the service lines and the small conduit probably feed outside electric. Definitely not water pipes, unless it was a DIY/homeowner with no clue what he/she was doing.
  7. Really? I had a bunch of fires and no signs of the blocks falling apart. But, I usually don't have huge fires either.
  8. I made this one out of full and half size cinder block. A couple bags of stone, and a tube of construction adhesive (a bead of glue on the outer edges only). About $75 total in material. So far it's been working out great.
  9. The gun range market in NJ is far from saturated. Still lots of money to be made
  10. Experience with what part? Storing guns or buying, transfers, etc?
  11. Well, with the FNX 45 you are back to a DA/SA hammer fired pistol. So, the only other polymer DA/SA hammer fired .45 I can think of for you to try would be the Beretta PX4 in .45. They also make the PX4 .45 SD (special duty) model. Rotating barrel, very ergonomic, probably the most underrated pistols ever. Also, fairly large grip. Capacity is only a meager 9 or 10rd mag. http://www.px4storm.com/px4storm_technicaldata.aspx
  12. It feels more natural and comfortable for me to grab the magwell. I also find I am more accurate and have better control of the rifle this way. And while not a practical reason, reaching further out on the barrel/handguard makes you a larger target. Another thing to mention is, I have M4 style rifles with government profile barrels, carbine length handguards, and carbine length gas systems, with no attachments hanging off them, Therefor, the front end of my rifles are very lightweight. I did buy a Ruger SR556 with the piston system, which had the gas block way out near the muzzle and a long heavy handguard. The rifle felt very front heavy and awkward to me. I was much slower with it moving from target to target. I sold it as fast as I bought it. So, it does make a difference on your particular setup.
  13. Why is that? Never mind, just saw your magwell post.
  14. Use the magwell as a grip.
  15. I just hope they serve you a cheeseburgers with every purchase of range time.