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  1. To me it looks like his 43x rear sight is centered while his 43 rear sights are all the way right.
  2. When are we going to win? I've been watching this shit show for the last 10yrs. I haven't seen 1 win for our side yet. So, exactly when will this happen, 10, 20, 30yrs from now? Ill be waiting.
  3. Maybe the O rings or seals are deteriorating.
  4. Front loader? Leave the door open when not in use.
  5. Problem is nobody applies for the carry permits. So there is no records of large numbers of denials. This was argued successfully by the State in one of these lawsuits about 6 or 7 years back.
  6. Set of Dawson Precision Sights for Glock 17/19/26, etc. Black rear, fiber optic front. Extra fiber optic rods and install tools included. I had these installed on a G17 and used them for about 200rds then had them removed by my gunsmith. Still in like new condition. $60 shipped or $55 picked up in Whippany, 07981. Paypal F&F or MO for shipped, cash only for pickup.
  7. 1 - polished Glock Gen 4 OEM smooth faced trigger w/bar 1 - polished Glock OEM Minus (-) 3.5lb connector 1 - Glock OEM extended slide stop lever All unused. Professionally polished. $50 shipped or $45 picked up in Whippany, 07981. Paypal F&F or MO for shipping and cash only for pickup.
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