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  1. I will ship the Dash Cam with the GPS Logger. $75 Shipped! Will accept PayPal FF or Check/MO as payment to ship the unit. -
  2. First camera Sold to NJGF member Second camera w/GPS logger still available.
  3. So he's scum bag contactor. Shocking.
  4. I have 2 Rexing V1 dash cams for sale. Both are in excellent physical and working condition. Original boxes, manuals, & all parts included. Micro SD card is required for these to work and NOT included in the sale. First camera is a V1 and is $50. SOLD Second camera is a V1 and comes with a GPS logger and is $75 Sale is cash only. Local pickup in Whippany, NJ 07981.
  5. I'll take $300 for it. But for $300 we use FSS for the transfer.
  6. I doubt the engine block is cracked. The cost to replace the engine and all those other parts would easily exceed $6,000. I bet they meant the water pump was cracked.
  7. Never gave any thought to buying a modern BB/Air postol until I saw this today. Looks pretty cool. What say you? Do I need a P2P to buy this? https://www.ammoland.com/2019/07/sig-sauer-p365-bb-pistol-now-shipping/#axzz5ubuMUUlR
  8. I saw AF1 fly into Morristown. Right over my backyard. Big plane for a small airport. Even though it wasn't the full size AF1.
  9. 400 amp service for residential? Holy crap.
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