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  1. I just inherited 7 older scopes from a family member that passed a few years ago. I don't know anything about them. I'm hoping someone on here can tell me what I have and if they are worth anything. They are all in pretty rough shape.
  2. S&W 686+
  3. S&W 63
  4. Bring your Smiths, Rugers, Colts, Taurus, Etc. Post them here! S&W 642 w/Lock
  5. I agree with this. Although, I would stick with the Gen 4. The Q5 match gun, is well, a match gun with a light trigger. My buddy has one and I measured the trigger at 4lbs. It breaks real easy. I wouldn't use it a HD gun. You would be better served with a standard PPQ as an HD gun.
  6. I hate Chinese food. I'd rather eat dog shit.
  7. What is TYM?
  8. I keep looking at that PX4 Compact Carry. I have 1 permit left to burn and it's between that and the S&W 586 L Comp.
  9. Ok, so they have great customer service and come in a really nice case. But are they mechanically superior to other AR's? Are they twice as good as a $750 Stag Arms Model 3? Enlighten me. Thanks
  10. Everyone who owns one says the PX4 Compact has even less felt recoil then the Full Size. I never owned a PX4 Compact, But I have experience with full size. You won't go wrong with a PX4. Probably the most under rated pistol on the market.
  11. Out of those 2 I would definitely go with the Glock.
  12. What's everyone's opinion on DD rifles? $1600 seems like the min required to get into this brand, and reaching upwards of $3000+? Are they worth that kind of cash? What say you?
  13. I was a die hard Michelin guy myself, until I got my new Honda that came with Continentals. Very impressed with them in every driving situation. I guess that's why the are standard equipment on high end cars nowadays.
  14. So, is it time for an "Official Smith Wheel Gun Photo Thread"? I'm game.