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  1. diamondd817

    Broke out of New York, ... arrived in jersey....

    I like this guy already.
  2. diamondd817

    Glock Gen 6

    DA/SA with slide and frame mounted dual manual safeties and a transparent frame with RTF2 stippling.
  3. diamondd817

    Beretta 92fs FTF

    That's really odd. Don't think it's a follower problem if it's round 4 and round 8 consistently in 2 different mags. I'm stumped.
  4. diamondd817

    Beretta 92fs FTF

    When you say cleared the jam, did you fire the remaining 6 rds in each mag?
  5. diamondd817

    Beretta 92fs FTF

    2 different magazines, 3 types of ammo. Same 4th rd failure.
  6. diamondd817

    Beretta 92fs FTF

    Aliens. For sure
  7. diamondd817

    Glocks and M&Ps

    With the exception of the front sight, Glocks can be completely disassembled with 1 tool.
  8. diamondd817

    New Jersey

    Screen name seems appropriate.
  9. This is the gun control case they decide to take? Unbelievable. This will only benefit NYC guys owners. Let me know when they take up something all gun owners will benefit from. Like: 1. Magazine capacity limits 2. Assault Weapons 3. May issue ccw
  10. diamondd817

    Glock 48 or 43x?

    48. Because I have a 43 and it fits my hand perfectly. I don't want a longer grip, and I am content with 7+1 rounds. Having the 43, I could put the slide on the 48 and have a 43x if I felt need for more rounds and an extended grip. It would also be all black, which I prefer over two tone guns. I do however, like the idea of having a Glock 19 sized single stack 9mm.
  11. diamondd817


    Search Craigslist.
  12. diamondd817

    M&P Shield 2.0 question. Slide stop or release?

    Should have got the 43x

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