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  1. So, I just received this letter from my auto and home insurer. Seems NJ is looking to pass legislation that will cause rates to go up. I found it odd that my insurance company would send out a political letter like this, but I'm glad they did. I had no idea this was going on. Discuss. Bills: S-2144 & A-3850/A-4293 Letter Attached:
  2. I told you guys this would be tied up in court for years. Regardless of what Anthony says.
  3. Advantage Arms makes 22lr conversations (complete uppers) for the Glock 17,19,&26 in gen 3&4 for the longest time. Perfectly reliable as a 22 can be.
  4. But many on here told me this was the 2A case to end all 2A cases. Something... something... scrutiny... something .
  5. Every house that comes up for sale in my neighborhood sells within 4 days for asking price or over asking. Just to put things in perspective. This is first hand real news.
  6. Same questions asked 10 different ways. Doesn't take a genius to alter their results for a desired outcome.
  7. Three things that need to be settled by the SCOTUS are: 1. Mag Capacity Restrictions 2. AWB 3. Concealed Carry - May Issue/Shall Issue
  8. Scrapple? I've had fish Chum that tasted better. Anyway, it's Taylor Ham and Glocks.
  9. But seriously, can you harvest these turkeys? Legally? _____________________ Copy
  10. Are these turkeys edible? If so, I think I have a solution. Just sayin.
  11. Not the point. At 100+ mph, the air bag sensors should have detected an impact, no matter what angle it hit.
  12. Air bag didn't deploy. Not that it would have mattered, just an observation.
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