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  1. I agree. I think we are in for a good bunch of years too
  2. "Four Second Amendment cases that the Supreme Court held pending the Bruen decision have been distributed for conference. We should know what the court plans to do with these cases by the end of the week." https://mobile.twitter.com/gunpolicy/status/154218032461615923 Yes, that's the NJ Mag Limit case.
  3. He has 0 chance. Mainstream America doesn't vote for Anti-American Progressive Shitbags from NJ/NY/CA, etc. You can bank on that.
  4. Would this stop NJ bureaucrats (shitbags) from writing administrative code?
  5. No, that's just a sure way to get yourself killed. But, if you absolutely have to use 22lr for a CCW gun, get a 22lr revolver, it won't jam. S&W 317.
  6. NJ AWB Mag Limits 1 Gun a Month Purchase Permits References, Contacting Your Employer "All Guns Are Illegal"/ exceptions NFA/Tax Stamp/MG's Hollowpoints
  7. I find it funny that Murphy referred to NJ as an American State.
  8. It wasn't mandatory to turn them in, otherwise you would have. 99% of gun owners sold them off long before the deadline. And the 1% that buried them in their yard are just kidding the themselves.
  9. Has nothing to do with stopping crime. It's all about infringing on your rights.
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