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  1. BTW the location that I was talking about in my earlier post is the Middletown NY one up Route 17.
  2. I went there on Saturday this past weekend, guns and ammunition were not discounted at all. Everything else was 10-15% off. Not worth the trip - 10-15% off on ordinary inventory is about what such stuff costs online anyhow. The guy behind the gun counter said they are not discounting guns or ammunition "at this time". He wouldn't answer whether they would discount it in the future. As per usual, spent an hour waiting for my number to come up to deal with a salesman behind the gun counter, because the place is hardly staffed at all. Probably as time goes on they will discount more, but at least as of Saturday last weekend it wasn't worth the trip.
  3. Bringing a NJ illegal gun to a NJ dealer is just a bad idea - he logs it in within the borders of NJ under your name, ID and address? It's like signing a statement you committed a crime. Just a bad idea all around. If you want to be rid of it, take it to Pennsylvania and sell it to a dealer there. AF Boyer Hardware (google it) is a PA FFL and will give you a good cash price right on the spot.
  4. To me it is better to keep a car you have owned a long time and maintained correctly. Buying a car that might have been abused is not the better option in my opinion. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. You could go for a woodworking vise like this: https://www.amazon.com/Irwin-Tools-226361-IRWIN-Woodworkers/dp/B0001LQY4E/ I have one similar. You add wood to the jaws, and that way you have wood instead of steel gripping on whatever you are clamping.
  6. You are expected to leave them at home..... The answer is find a range at your flight destination and print the info for that range and if asked at the airport say you are going to that range. And actually go and shoot there for compliance purposes when you are there. I was stopped at newark 9 years ago and i said i was going to a convention and target shooting, both true statements. Second Amendment Foundation GRPC. The police called me on the PA system after i declared and checked it and was going to the gate. I went to the TSA since my name was called and the police got me and held me and asked questions. Convention and target practice was what I said. They made me give them the key to the case and held me while another cop went to baggage and searched my suitcase amd looked at my handgun and ran my ID. I showed them my florida permit but they didnt care about that. They sure tried to make me feel uncomfortable through the whole process. They let me proceed and I think the reason was I said target practice and the range info was in my suitcase. That meant they had no case. Have your NJ exemption ready to go. And I did in fact go to the range and shoot while I was there and brought a target and receipt back with me to cover the return trip. After dealing with that up front I had no choice. How do I know if they will follow up when I returned? In fact I had no problem when I returned since they have no way of knowing what is in arriving baggage. I never did that again. An unpleasant experience. The police do not want you to do it. Declaring and checking on the return trip was easy because that airport was not in NJ. I don't even bother carrying in PA anymore. I did it enough to understand what an ordinary thing it is if the police leave you alone. The problem is in NJ they will not leave you alone during the trip to and from the border if they get you in their hands. It is very unsettling to be a law abiding citizen and being essentially treated like a potential collar by peace officers. I am not a piece of meat. My life and career are fragile enough that they could steamroll me flat and there is no recourse. Be safe and make no assumptions about the law. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. Definitely get that threaded brass pin kit from Brownells, and use epoxy. Do multiple pins, so the thing doesn't break again. You might need longer pins than the Brownell's kit - basically you are buying brass threaded rod. Brass is used because it's easier to file flush with the wood after. Next time if it starts cracking, fix that crack before it breaks all the way. Much easier to pin it when it is still in one piece. Drill, inject epoxy to fill the crack from the outside in, then chuck up a pin and drill that in there, cut almost flush with the wood surface and file the brass down flat with the wood surface. Repeat 2 or even 3 times depending on how strong it has to be.
  8. If you live in a Victorian house, then take a cue from that and buy a nice old Victorian-era British revolver, like a Webley, in a nice weak British caliber like .455 Webley. Big heavy blob of lead going a sedate 650 feet per second, big heavy revolver, you won't miss and if you do miss that round isn't going far and isn't doing much damage when it gets there and you got 5 more tries to hit your man. Close range it's gonna be effective. Any neighbor gives you any problems about a stray round hitting their house, once they see that ancient contraption they are just going to grin and go away. Plus a nice low pressure round like that isn't going to be so loud as modern higher pressure pistol and rifle rounds. The older lower pressure cartridges were designed when steel was weak and men were strong, nobody used hearing protection back then, nor did they particularly need to.
  9. Go carry in PA just so you can realize just how ordinary it is. After a few times it becomes no big deal, and you really begin to wonder why people who have no familiarity with guns freak out so much at the idea of it. What is really awkward is when you have to find a place to stop on the way back, take it off, unload it and put it in the trunk just before you cross the border back to NJ. Why? There really is no reason why a government should make a decent person do such a thing. Think about that while you are putting it away in your trunk. It is ridiculous.
  10. Join Knife Rights. They are methodically going across the country rationalizing knife law and getting rid of stupid state and city laws concerning knives. http://kniferights.org/
  11. I've seen people plead to unsafe operation of a vehicle to get no points but to me that seems to be no good - a U-turn on a street with no traffic is not unsafe, regardless of whether there is a sign prohibiting it or not. I'd rather pay stupid fines and insurance charges and get points and go on record of making a perfectly safe U-turn, than plead to being unsafe when I never did anything unsafe. But that's just me. Tons of people plead to "unsafe operation" when they did nothing unsafe all the time. Do you want your money or your pride? As you grow up, more and more of the choices you face will be similar to this.
  12. Let me get this straight, you are going to risk up to a 5 year prison sentence (for each count - a 50 round box is 50 individual felony counts) because "you were told" it's illegal only in the commission of a crime? You think the police aren't aware that hauling you in for a HP round possession charge equals a nice easy felony collar? You ever hear that ignorance of the law is no excuse? Think the Judge, who probably wants all guns to be completely banned, is going to care that someone you spoke to gave bad advice? For goodness sake, you gotta be more careful than that if you are going to be a gun owner in NJ! Just because a dealer will sell it to you, doesn't mean you can just toss it in your trunk and forget about it. I won't even bother citing the statutes involved. You can just google up the NJ State Police advice on hollow point ammunition if you want. If you still think it is legal, join ANJRPC and call one of their lawyers who will give free advice to you on it.
  13. You can't have a pistol anywhere except home, range, gunsmith, etc and transport directly to and from those locations. Severe felony if you have a pistol in the car when going to the store, even if unloaded, even if no ammo at all. With a FID card you can have unloaded rifle or shotgun in car driving just about anywhere except specific banned locations like schools etc. Hollow point rounds are just like a pistol. So if you have your unloaded rifle in the car, make absolutely sure there is no HP ammo anywhere in the car. One .22LR round with a dimple on the front is enough for you to be arrested for a felony. If you ever have to actually take the rifle/shotgun out and use it, as soon as you load it you are committing a felony, as soon as you point it at anyone you are committing a felony, so make damn sure it is necessary to save your life. Join ANJRPC and one of the benefits is you can call one of the lawyers (real goddamn lawyers not just people posting online) in the list in the back of their newsletter and ask them gun law questions. Then you get real answers instead of confusion. Considering how cheap membership is, and how severe the penalty is if you get it wrong, everyone should be joining and calling for advice.
  14. I had my NH renewal application mailed back to me (not denied, just mailed back to me) because I forgot to put a zip code in for one of my references. Had no idea this was going on. I sent the application back with the zip code filled in and initialed where I added the zip code. Did not realize there is drama going on in NH about granting these. Looks like they are looking for reasons to delay actual decisions on these applications. This is what happens when bureaucrats get put in charge of your rights. Hopefully they will make common sense decisions. They are probably fearful that PA will deny reciprocity to NH if NH issues carry permits to people in NJ. Did anyone hear that Kathleen Kane, who is the person who started all of these problems (PA AG) just got convicted? Problem might be solved here.
  15. Am I the first to post this? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3740921/Witnesses-Attorney-general-leaked-files-lied-revenge.html She is the one who started eviscerating Pennsylvania reciprocity when she was elected nearly 4 years ago as Attorney General of PA. Before her Florida carry permits were totally accepted. Apparently as of today she's a convicted felon.