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  1. Why wouldn't you? If they somehow word in the parking lots as a sensitive area, then just park nearby!
  2. Only thing tragic about this is that we weren't able to vote in a proper Governor to welcome this affirmed right back into our land.
  3. Go test ride a Kawi Concours 14. I think you'll get hooked.
  4. Not a reason to stay at all! Pack, leave and visit for a weekend if you wanna smoke... sheesh! Mike
  5. MikeL417

    Gen 5 Glock!

    I'm kinda shocked they really didn't wanna add front serrations to the civvy market gen 5 =( I wonder if the angled plunger makes the trigger nicer than the rounded edge plunger from previous gens. Mike
  6. Easy and cheap. Break barrel single shot. I found a nice one for 150 tada but you're probably not lookin for that
  7. Never been to one. I guess I should at least look up the closest one...
  8. PUPPIESSSSSSSSS instachild. I miss my husky dearly. Good pics!
  9. Welcome! I guess you shore guys don't have much firearms stuff near you? Gotta travel a bit? Mike
  10. I am confused! I could swear I read that if the mag does not go into the grip then it's a no go. Enlighten me? Mike
  11. Dumb question but why does the goal number of signatures keep going up? Set a damn number so we can reach it!
  12. Hey I'm located in Bridgewater with a couple 2a riders up here. If you wanna get a ride goin during the weekend I'm definitely interested.
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