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  1. Lol those are my buddies Matt and Jordan. We shoot local 1 day matches in Mason Dixon Precision Rifle Series and 2 day national matches all over the country together. We’ll be in Ohio this weekend. My current rifle:
  2. If any of you guys are interested in PRS matches the closest option is the Mason Dixon Precision Rifle Series. We shoot 1 day club matches at 3 different ranges throughout the year, New Holland (700y max) in Gap, PA, University Rifle Range (600y max) in Reading, PA, and Mayberry Game Protection (600y max) in Mayberry, MD. Registration opens March 4th for our Amatuers Only match that will be held April 14th at New Holland. Check out our Facebook page MDPRS Facebook for more information or message me if you need any help. My Instagram is tennturk if you want to see some photos and videos of our matches.
  3. Yes, it’s the Competition chassis, bag rider and grip. I’ve since added the chassis weights too. The barrel profile is heavy varmint and total weight is 26lbs loaded.
  4. My current PRS match rifle setup: Accuracy International AT action, MPA chassis, Kahles 624i, 6BR Krieger chambered by Keystone Accuracy
  5. My buddy took the pic. He said it was on the door that goes into the range sign in room.
  6. First Paul leaves and now Banger's is gone...wtf.
  7. Homemade Frankenstein groundhog getter in .223 and 100y group w/ cold bore... shoots my loaded up 50gr V-Max's at 3225fps.
  8. The MPA is pretty awesome. I've had a Rock Solid Chassis (meh), X-Ray (felt cheap), AW AICS (I love everything AI), Legacy/pre-2014 AX AICS (my favorite chassis), played with a McRee and my buddy currently has a folding MPA that I've played with and shot. IMHO the MPA blows the McRee out of the water aesthetically and overall in function/features. The MPA is designed from the ground up to perform as a race chassis for the PRS format. The quick change barrier stop is really neat and the fact that it comes with a forward NVG rail is awesome. I prefer a fixed stock for cost savings and extra rigidity, but I find that a folder makes my life easier for cleaning and travel. The cheek riser comes with a neoprene cover and the rest of the fit and finish is top notch. When I do another build it will definitely be a Bighorn TL2 in a MPA chassis.
  9. Josh at PVA might have my Mausingfield done right around May 14th. Hopefully I take delivery of it there and spectate or help out. I'll bring my AIAT in 6creed just in case someone is a no show for the match
  10. What really sucks is that it looks like it does away with the E-file. There's also a section that reads something like "if the trust files once with all the fingerprint and picture stuff, you don't have to submit that stuff again as long as you purchase something else in a 2 year period." So in theory it doesn't sound all that bad, especially if you can use the E-file for your subsequent purchases in that 2 year window.
  11. As an individual, unless you have a Trust set up out of state you still cannot purchase or be in possession of NFA items.... as far as I know.
  12. You should gather exactly what it says, but it still doesn't say anything about a suppressor in NJ. All of my NFA items are in another state, just like yours. Thank you for your input though.
  13. Where/when did I say that I was going to be in possession of an NFA item in NJ? I'm fully aware of the NFA laws.
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