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  1. Saw that in the News Tribune, too. It wasn't beating around the bush. It literally said they would just wait until Christie left and then go at it again with the new governor.
  2. Adderall is used for ADD/ADHD and if you go by the Wiki, then Narcolepsy, too. The only way she'd turn the gun on herself is if she wasn't paying attention or fell asleep. I get your concern, but being denied for a drug that helps you focus is a little over-reaching on the state's part.
  3. ^^^ This. Bouncers at bars/clubs. Hotels. Employment. I'm a teacher and many, many, many of my co-workers and support staff/HR are anti-gun. Saying "hey, I own a gun" is not the first thing you say to HR when you hand in your paperwork, but it will be if this bill passes.
  4. $1.69? Craziness. All of the QuickCheks around Woodbridge charge .99 cents for money orders. And there's one right next to the police station, which makes life easy. Also, I put in for a NICS check on Monday, June 3rd. I'll post if it clears soon.
  5. Not to mention employment or any other place that needs a copy of your driver's license. As an educator, I'm sad to say that many people in my profession don't support the 2nd Amendment and if I ever had to apply to a new job, handing my license/firearms card over to HR might not go over well.
  6. - - - - (I'm on someone else's computer and their "enter" key is broken, so I apologize for the lack of paragraphs.) - Fixed. These were the two I had the biggest problems with, as well. There is absolutely NO oversight in regard to the no-fly list and there is a rather large history of false-positives. If you're falsely or arbitrarily placed on the list, good luck getting off. Seriously. As for the .50BMG ban, I don't need to tell anyone here how ridiculous that is. I especially don't like how it's labeled the ".50 caliber Barrett assault weapon". It has a small magazine or none at all if it's a bolt-action, requires a slow rate of fire to be effective, and doesn't do any of the other assault-y things that they claim make a rifle an "assault rifle". Not understanding their rationale only means I have a working brain. That's good news, at least. Anyway, while I seem to share the same issues as others here, no one has mentioned this measure: "Prohibit state investments in companies that manufacture, import or sell assault rifles for civilian use". I'm no Constitutional law expert, nor do I know much about commerce law, but wouldn't this infringe on interstate commerce in some way and, therefore, be illegal? Even if it's not illegal, this is just another way to strangle firearms manufacturers and we should be concerned.
  7. I can appreciate that, but it never occurred to me because without a pointy tip, it's not dangerous in my eyes. He did take it during the stop, but my problem was the he insisted that it was a knife that he could "arrest me" for having.
  8. http://www.google.co...iw=1680&bih=880 I hope that works... it was a Google search for "rescue tool". If it doesn't, lemme know which ones you were after specifically.
  9. Okay, true. I forgot about that one. It's not quite my style of rescue, though.
  10. I get that it has a cutting edge, but without a pointy tip, it's nothing more than a bread-cutter or condiment spreader. And it has a lawful purpose for being in my glove box.
  11. Local cop, Woodbridge. Likely why he didn't tow me, but he was young and I figured he'd realize I wasn't trying to stab him with the pry-bar that wasn't even in my hands. I don't mean to be a jerk, but what do you think of when you think rescue tool? Rescue tools come in many shapes and sizes. I saw no need to alert him of an object that posed no danger and he saw the glass-breaker tip and handle while he was standing there. I had already removed my hand from the compartment when he reached in to get it.
  12. If I didn't carry it in my glove box, it wouldn't be within my reach. If I can't reach it, why carry it at all? He reached for it. He was on the passenger side of my car (I was alone) and while I was sorting through a stack of papers, he reached into my open glove box and took it out. I get that cops are people, too, but if anyone should have been afraid, it should have been me. He was now "armed" with my "weapon". I did not reach for it and explained many times, while HE was in possession of it, that it was not a knife.
  13. I also subscribe to the "why wait" theory, which is why had the thing in the first place. I would have stayed to argue and refused to open my trunk, but again, not getting towed away was paramount.
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