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  1. This post is giving me an opportunity to express a feeling that I’ve had many times in the past about our beloved NJ Gun Forum. Can I say this… jcpg has it right! Only thing I don’t agree with is… that he believes it is specific to the “XX variant” section of the forum. That I don’t agree with. It’s the entire forum really. I rarely post at the forum for the exact reason jcpg describes in his comment. It’s disgusting actually. You can’t ask a question without someone chiming in with some ridiculous nonsense or just being immature and treating someone like an idiot. It's crazy. But then again I’m from NJ my whole life… it’s par for the course. It’s just the way it is here in the armpit of the universe. Not only with guns but with everything! To say I’m used to it would probably be the understatement of the century. But it definitely doesn’t make it right. When I finally have the opportunity to move to Bucks County… it goes without saying... there will NEVER be a reason to visit the NJ Gun Forum again! Thank God!
  2. Another Chris Butler creation. Hungarian SA85M brought back to milspec. Egyptian gas block. East German front sight block. Polish slant brake. Mix Match Ironwood Beech furniture. It came as a mismatched set from Shuster's wood pile and was an already finished set that they ran for a large order. These were leftover pieces from those Beech sets. They were finished Blonde already with Tung Oil. It was stripped and re-done in Iodine amber/orange with a coat of Poly on top. It matches a million times better than when it was a mismatched oiled set.
  3. EXACTLY Mosin! It will never happen though cause all dudes wanna do is cry. Remember the old adage... "Actions speak louder than words" ????
  4. @ Qel Hoth njJoniGuy says it best... I think thats exactly it... everyone will always have something else to do on the day this thing crops up. I know that. We have to make ourselves more available. It's a shame we even have to think of such a thing considering it's an unalienable right in our country to keep and bear arms. I get that. But hey... we live here. It doesn't seem like many of us our moving. If we want to live here and enjoy our rights, which in addition to simply being "Rights" is also a hobby to some, a collection for others, a sport or a profession. If we want to protect the very little we have and continue to enjoy it we have to come to grips with our situation. The forum is super important for the responsible, law abiding firearms owners of NJ. Anyone who doesn't use the forum doesn't know what they are missing... and trust me there are a few of those people in my own group of friends and family. However, equal to that or arguably more important than that is us beginning to show up for these last minute discussions about our rights. Even if its the day before! We all need to find ways in our personal lives to work it out in order to be there. Agreed? Let's do this fellas! We need momentum... we can get our Rights back. Stop those infringements we hate and also show them we want back what they are currently restricting! Bottom line... we should keep the cryin' to a minimum if all we are gonna do is make a few donations and expect others to defend our Rights. Or, any other type of B^tchin' and moanin' we are all guilty of...
  5. Zell959 is right to a degree. In a perfect world if everyone showed up that would be great. But at the very least everyone that commented on this thread should go next time some funny business is about to take place. If just that small amount of people go.... right... you with me?? All in the back of the Assembly room gruntin' and makin' noises and sh^t. There is a feeling to the room... trust me. These Assembly people are staring us in the face. And trust me... they see you. They can tell how you feel just by the way you look. Therefore, SOME, not all decisions but some decisions can be swayed on that floor. Call it a pipe dreams but I believe if there are enough of us... I believe it can make a difference. They see you... The more the better.
  6. Being there I was able to see this Bonnie Watson Coleman's expressions and what she was doing when she was asking her questions. The entire time she was trying to spit out her question regarding the actual FN firearm she was making a trigger finger with her right hand and like pulling the trigger as she was speaking. She didn't come across too well. After they got past that and back to the AP SS190 ammo discussion... someone said to Asm Spencer from Newark... what exactly are NJ residents doing with this type of AP ammunition? And Asm Spencer replied... "shooting targets and such" or something like that. And I was just shaking my head. Lol. Yeah... shooting targets with restricted, very expensive 5.7x28. Like the Gun Blob said... lets let it die for now and just be happy. But that sucka is coming back. They don't like us... they don't understand us... and they don't care...period!
  7. I fill you guys in more later tonight about the discussion. I just can't right now. Rather than write it in a post. If you anyone is interested... lets do it as a "Chat" here at the forum. How about we say 8pm... just to be safe. I'll sign on and you guys can ask any questions you want about what happened. I was there for the full A588 discussion.
  8. I went. Just got back. Couldn't stay for A1013 but I was there for A588. Dead on the Table! For now at least. One small victory... FOR NOW.
  9. I work in the Trenton area. I may try to go on Monday to the State House. Who has the link to the exact information? Where was it found? Someone said 2pm... where did that info come from? I can't spend all day there but I'll try to stop by and see if I can catch the vote... if it's not a closed hearing of course. This is all assuming it's public privilege to be able to walk in to the State House, sit down and watch. If anyone knows what the deal is... let me know... I'll go Monday in opposition of Bill's A588 and A1013.
  10. HA! Kalashnikov is looking at the rifle like he's at the unveiling of the AK-74. Lmmfao!
  11. I definitely agree with that! Yeah thats true too! That may really bother somebody... cause that stays dirty right there inside that brake. lol. I insisted on having the proper Brake for each gun. I like having the brake on the gun. All have beautiful blind pin and welding jobs, and in most cases the entire gun was professionally recoated. They are just proper. However, in spite of going through all that trouble and money I still can't clean inside the Brake like Glenn said. All guys are different. Some that may bother... some that may not. I'm learning to live with it. The SGL line of rifles should have a 74 Brake to be proper. Changing the FSB to one in which you would then thread the barrel. Again... not proper for this rifle. Has to be 74 style Brake. And it does look mean though Glenn. Word up... I agree. I really only have one rifle left to do. Which may end up being my ultimate. And coincidentlly K-var just got them back in stock. And that's a clone of the S74... with the proper metal triangle folding stock... pinned and welded open of course. Thats all I have left... I think I may be spent after that. Or if I ever in a million years could do an East German MPi ... yeah... fat chance.
  12. Universally... world wide...double stack is the world standard. Gotta stick with that. My 7.62's all work with Isaac and Mikes 15/20 Hungy steel mags.
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