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  1. It is my decidedly non-professional understanding that Type 2 Diabetes is largely caused by diet and lifestyle. It is a huge problem in our society, as we approach 10% of our population being affected. I'll confess to not having watched the videos, but it's good to see important information like that getting out.
  2. Admittedly, I'm not the most experienced in the world, but I've never seen or heard of that. I never would have thought to check that, but yes, I guess you would have discovered it upon disassembly. BTW, you probably know this, but for disassembly, cleaning, lube, and reassembly, You Tube is invaluable.
  3. Welcome aboard! You will find lots of good folks and good info here.
  4. As was noted earlier in this thread, you need reverse bifocals, with the readers on the top of the lens so you can see them when you take a shooting position. See my post above for a link.
  5. I'm pretty sure that for Utah you need to take their own class.
  6. Call Mossberg for help. As much of a pain as it is, consider sending it back for them to look at.
  7. Have no idea why I got the dreaded double post.
  8. I have a couple of them. One has two barrels, a 28" for shooting clays (and presumably, hunting), and an 18.5" for HD. The other is more tactical looking, with an 18.5" barrel, camo finish, and a breacher choke. I've run both of them fairly hard, through training classes and such, and I can't recall ever having a malfunction. The latter is my go to for HD. As Krdshrk notes, they do need to be disassembled and cleaned every 200-300 rounds, but it's not really a big deal. If you don't mind spending twice as much, the Beretta 1301 Tactical is great. But you won't go wrong with the 930.
  9. Here's an interesting discussion of this from The Federalist this morning: https://thefederalist.com/2021/11/08/6-things-we-just-learned-about-the-supreme-courts-gun-rights-case/ I particularly liked the part where NYS was trying to make the case that it was safer to have people carrying firearms in less populated areas than in denser areas, to which Justice Roberts quipped, "How many people get mugged in the woods?"
  10. My wife and I recently purchased a condo in Jupiter, Florida, and we have started spending some time there. As luck would have it, our condo came with a gun safe! It is currently empty, except for my CCW Springfield XD 9mm subcompact, which I am now able to leave down there to avoid the minor inconvenience of traveling with it. I'm planning on purchasing an AR, possibly a real Colt, an AK (Zastava ZPAP M70), and a 9mm carbine. I have an old Ruger Police Carbine and a Keltec Sub2000 in NJ. I was considering the Evo Scorpion, but have heard it might not be so great. I'm not opposed to the newer Ruger PCC. Anyone have a pistol caliber carbine that they really like? I would love to hear people's recommendations.
  11. I see young people at the gym working out, lugging backpacks around with them. To tell you the truth, it makes me a little nervous.
  12. OK, I had to look that one up. Wouldn't that be dangerous, if you fired one round and didn't want to fire a second? Is there a way to decock it or something if you don't want to fire another round?
  13. Old Glock guy

    Ruger Mini-14

    Just to follow up on this, I called Ruger and explained what was happening. They immediately sent out a new extractor, spring, and plunger. Got them just a few days later. I disassembled the bolt (thanks You Tube) and found a broken extractor spring. Replaced all the parts, and tested it out yesterday. Happy to report that it now seems to be running flawlessly. BTW, it's a little scary to find that a problem with a tiny spring can disable an entire firearm.
  14. You can buy Heritage Arms revolvers new for around $150 and sell them back for $200. Sounds like an opportunity!
  15. Ditto here. Had to do the same thing, but it was pretty quick, and I did not need a new set of fingerprints.
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