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  1. Well, we didn't get much of a window on that. I was away from these boards for most of the day, and when I got around to taking a look, the deadline had passed.
  2. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is a solid choice for under $100. I have them on a couple of my .22 rifles. https://www.amazon.com/Bushnell-Trophy-TRS-25-Riflescope-1x25mm/dp/B00200E0HM
  3. Welcome to our gang! Lots of good folks and good info here. This is a good place to become well acquainted with NJ's treacherous gun laws that are designed to trip up good people.. Coincidentally, I have an application in for a new FID, as I recently moved. My town of Wayne is usually pretty good with them. It's been about two weeks so far, and I'm expecting to hear back from them any day.
  4. In the videos, the bill's sponsor is asked repeatedly, "So where can people carry weapons?" To which he replies, "I wouldn't feel comfortable having people carrying here, and I wouldn't feel comfortable having people carrying weapons there." Well, excuse me, but F his comfort! He is in the legislature representing us to protect and defend the Constitution, not to make himself feel more comfortable.
  5. 100% agree with this. Without consequences for their blatantly unconstitutional laws, there is no accountability to the citizens who elect them.
  6. The classic advice is one gun, one place, all the time. Obviously, one can deviate from that. I carry a Springfield XD 9 mm subcompact when I 'm in Florida, and plan to do the same here. I have considered carrying my Glock 19, but to date have never done so.
  7. Not exactly on topic, but related to this, I've been wondering if NJ LEO's are receiving any special training on dealing with armed citizens, something they have not had to think much about in the past.
  8. Yes, still some left. Please pm me when you want to come by, and I'll give you the pickup info.
  9. Thanks 124gr9mm and Ringwoodfrank. A couple of nice guys. Pleasure doing business with both of you. If anyone is interested, I still have plenty of the ammo left.
  10. Trying to clear some stuff out to get ready for a move. 1. 15 boxes of CCI AR Tactical .22 LR 40 grain copper plated round nose ammo, 300 rounds per box at $25 each (see photo). 2. Soft gun cases:all brand new, never used: 2 Opmod 35”, 2 Blackhawk 35” and 42”, one 49” shotgun case. All $10 each. 3. 6 .50 cal. metal ammo cans, $10 each. Buy 2 get one free. Plus I’ll throw in a free .30 cal. can to the first one to buy two. Pick up in Wayne (preferred) or near Seaside Park. First one to post “I’ll take it” for any item or group of items gets the sale.
  11. As New York attempts to severely limit areas where people can carry, it was just a matter of time before our rulers jumped in to "protect" us from the widespread presence of firearms.
  12. Welcome aboard! Lots of good info and good folks on here.
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