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  1. I battled cancer and obviously won, but the radiation therapy did some real damage!
  2. Hmmmm.......... I have to dig out the Model 15 or Model 19 buried in a safe. Bought it LNIB year ago, never shot it, barely a turn line on the cylinder. I have plenty of other revolvers to use, so this one just gets to rest............ (Yes, ALL S&W!) Oooops........ I do have one other, a Ruger 30 Carbine SA only which I HATE, but there are only a few handguns made for 30 Carbine (I was given a few cases of it years ago) and the AMT Semi Auto was hard to find and too much $$$$$.
  3. I bought a car paying with cash years ago, it was $20k. I did not like doing it this way, but that's the way the seller wanted to handle it. So, I had my wife drive, I sat in the back seat with my CX4 carbine is a gun bag, and loaded mags next to me. I was not expecting trouble during the 120 mile drive, but I was just being prepared. If something were to happen it would have taken a few seconds to open that bag, insert a mag, and be ready. Nothing happened which was the best outcome and we got our car! That being said, having a gun in the trunk is useless if time is of the essence. Having it in a plastic gun case that just needs two flaps opened to have access to it and loaded mags within your reach would be much more useful. Follows the NJ law. Don't know if it is legit to have the loaded mags in with the gun, but you can certainly have them on your seat with you, next to you, in the console, on your dash, somewhere easy to reach!
  4. It is a shame we have to even discuss this! How many states are like NJ in regards to moving around within the state with either a hand gun or a long gun? Loaded vs. unloaded............ Drove to PA yesterday with two shotguns in the trunk, 200 rounds of ammo right next to them, didn't bother to bring an FID card. Went to Lehigh Sporting Clays to help support the CNJFO and have some fun. Guns were in gun bags, primarily so they wouldn't get scratched. Being in a trunk should suffice for being out of our reach. Wasn't concerned whatsoever.
  5. This pertains to handguns, not long guns. If the law has changed please state the new statute.
  6. Handguns and long guns are treated very differently in NJ when dealing with the issue of transportation. I am not going to research the laws, but I know for a fact that you can transport a long gun which is in a gun case, bag, or even your wives stockings, as long as YOU have a valid FID card AND it is unloaded! Handguns, forget about it. To and from a gun range, gun shop, FFL, gun show, that's about it. Unloaded, cased, and no stops for virtually anything! Sorry if you have to get gas or pee, don't get caught! Some cop can really ruin your day, and maybe your life. And that includes hollow point ammo! You can have a case of .50 BMG on the seat next to you, don't have a single hollow point though, they can really jack you up!
  7. Our race cars typically sit from Novemeber till March, inside a trailer, and start no problem, yes, EFI........... So, you may have junk gas or low fuel pressure, if any........... Get out the carb cleaner and spray it in there while cranking. I don't use ether. You will see quickly if it is fuel related. I know most people don't have fuel pressure gauge setups. If there is a schrader valve poke it with a screwdriver and see if it has pressure after cranking for a little bit. Just don't get gas in your eyes. While I have never tried it, that valve is the same one on tires so I would imagine an air pressure gauge could also show you pressure, might be messy, but when you're desperate.............
  8. There's Rosie and his son making SMOKE! That holster almost goes to your knee! See ya at Lehigh!
  9. Have you done the water pump yet? I've done it twice, what a joke! I don't know what the changeover year was. One design the water pump comes right off that giant water distribution manifold with a large socket like you would see on a 4wd truck. But no, I don't have that style. I have to remove that large manifold to do the water pump. First time took 12 hours, second time was faster. It is a stupid ass design! Yes, had to replace the front struts, one was leaking. Got REAL lucky and GM had surplus, got the pair for ONLY $300......... I will say, this is a very nice riding car. Have done motor mounts MANY times. I love the car, it needs a "normal" LS engine in it, 4l60E, and a rear. Then it would be a keeper! Pull the front driveshafts and turn it into a rear wheel drive car! PS: That oil-leaking engine actually kept most of the stuff up-front from ever rusting! Just replaced the rear hard lines that popped from rust!
  10. I have a 2009 Buick Lucerne with the Caddy Northstar engine in it. Yup, that starter is under the intake also. What a PITA to change it. My starter worked fine, but when taking a sharp turn, don't remember if it was a left or a right, we would hear a loud clink/clank under the hood, and sometimes a zing............ I'm scratching my head trying to determine what the heck can make that kind of noise. I jack up the car on one side while it is running, no change, jack up the otherside, and ZING........ The starter bendix spring had broken allowing it to slide out and hit the flexplate while it was running! And it would only do it turning one direction which caused it to slide out. I think it was sharp lefts. Anyway, took the intake off and sure enough, it slid side to side easily!
  11. Look at Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club also. For me, Central Jersey (Jackson) and OB are two of the best clubs in that area. They have a lot of different types of competitions if you are into that sort of thing. I thought OBRPC opened their events to the public again, I could be wrong. I was a member there for years. They each have their good and bad, so check them carefully, neither is cheap to join. Check each clubs website and see what competitions are open to the public and go to each club, that way you can see the entire facility.
  12. I guess I am a hoarder. I have a lot of ammo, and I haven't really shot much since last November. I am trying to join a gun club by my new town so maybe I will shoot a little more, who knows. When the prices return to "normal" buy at least a case of each caliber you have a gun for. I used to buy cases when they were on sale or free shipping. I used to do Knockdown Steel at OBRPC so I would go through about 200 rounds of .40 or 9mm, depending on which carbine I was using, and a case of 12 gauge. That is why I bought a LOT of ammo! I currently need 200 2x4x8's. I refuse to pay almost $7 a piece for them when they were "only" $2.50 or less a few months ago. So, if someone has a line on 2x4's and needs some ammo, let's make a deal! I won't gouge you on ammo, you don't gouge me on the wood.
  13. When I carry a long gun in my truck, it is in a cheap hard plastic case from Cabellas, no locks, just slide the tabs to open it. Loaded mags in the console under my right arm. I can pull over and have it ready to go in seconds. If you are really paranoid then put that same gun in a womans stocking (actually legal) and have a small blade to slice it open at the mag well and trigger guard and insert your loaded mag......... I don't carry handguns unless going to a range or FFL, not worth the risk.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. What law did the company break? If LEO bought it (even if undercover) they are "allowed" to right? If some smuck like me bought it, I am not "allowed" to possess it in this state. I can buy it, just can't have it here. What if it was a birthday present for my sister? I had it sent here so I could then stick a new label on the box and send it to her in another state where it is allowed. This state is so fucked-up it is incredible!
  15. I don't know if they confiscated his FID card. They did not confiscate any of his firearms. I do not know if they go hand-in-hand. I would think if someone committed a felony which would cause them to lose their right to bear arms, they should have to turn-over their firearms to someone that can legally possess them, or local LEO confiscates them. Their FID card should also be revoked.
  16. I know someone that went through this shit and I won't put it out in public, but this state is beyond fucked-up! He spent a TON of $$$ to be able to purchase guns again, even though he had been buying legally for years! And no, nothing happened between those purchases and his denial. Trenton can go fuck itself!
  17. If he was denied by error, does he have to say he was denied? What is the whole point of the question?
  18. And now how does he answer the question have you ever been denied before................ What a system!
  19. I had a problem one day at my house. We noticed while the stove was on, if the water heater kicked-in, my stove went out! This was after PSE&G replaced a bunch of gas lines in our area. My stove worked fine and wasn't too old, the water heater was brand new. It was just coincidence that someone was taking a shower while we were cooking. I put two and two together and shut off the water heater, stove had no issues. Turned the oven on, the stove went out! Tried two top burners at the same time, they would stay lit, but nowhere near what they should have been. Had PSE&G come out and showed them, the clowns wouldn't listen to me. Did all sorts of tests, replaced the meter, still not enough flow. They finally dug up the pipe in the street and found a ton of crud in it, and that crud made its way to my brand new water heater. They paid to replace it. Somehow the crud didn't hurt the stove, but I bought a new one anyway.
  20. Not if you went shooting at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays and stopped in PA with 6 5 gallon jugs and filled them up like we did!
  21. Next time you want to pickup multiple handguns at the same time you need to get approval from the NJSP. Forms SP-015 and SP-016 if I remember correctly. I have done this several times in the past. No limit to how many you transfer at one time using this method.
  22. Gods Waiting Room. I can't take the heat and humidity down there and I'm not much into the beaches. Good luck and I don't blame you for wanting the Dumbocraps to stay-put and don't ruin another state, but you know they are coming, maybe not in your lifetime.
  23. No rapid-fire indoors. Yeah, they had a max of 5 or 6 rounds at a time. They did have problems with the outdoor range. They put a large concrete tube that you would have to shoot through to make sure you couldn't shoot up over the berm. They do have a target retrieval setup like most public ranges, that was nice. The indoor range is 24/7 to members, and they are allowed to bring a guest, that had an honor system, I think it was $10 in the box for a guest. That was years ago when I went with a member. I typically only went there to shoot Trap.
  24. Pretty sure you need a sponsor to join that club. Go to one of their Trap Shooting events, open to the public, and you can find some members there. They always have at least one member running the Trap Shooting program. I think they shoot on Tuesday nights, and Sundays, check their website. It's been a few years since I went there.
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