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  1. Chris call Montana gold tell them what happened maybe its a fluke or bad batch
  2. Hey brother after a nasty long day of shooting my barrel is a mess lead deposits plastic wad material all melted in the bore, go to shop right and buy a box of chore boy pure copper scouring pads stick it on you regular 12 guage brush and scrub that barrel will be spotless. Also google tornado brush 12 guage it works excellent also.
  3. Guess ill share. Usually goes for 230-250 this is 176.00 shipped. http://www.ggstore.us/agstore/commerce.cgi?cart_id=&product=Handgun_Safes&pid=0092 Your welcome
  4. A updated model maybe? Not a true black powder frame
  5. I've always heard smokeless powder in a black powder gun is a no no.
  6. You mean at your daddy's and mommy's house? Lol
  7. Internet tough guy got mod status pathetic in my opinion!
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