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  1. the guitar case is a great idea,I have seen people with soft guitar cases walking with them strapped on their backs.depending on the weight (imprinting through case) of the rifle it might work quite well.
  2. I am a NRA member I have the shirts,window stickers and all that,but I will not put anything on my truck,why attract attention to myself on the road to overzealous law enforcement.Who may pull me over just to check if i am transporting my guns correctly or anything else like that.
  3. lol great map.I came from inbetween Worse than Detroit and crumbling industry and moved to happy white families .
  4. Absolutely,positivly ,no doubt about it correct,could not agree more.
  5. Now that I actually thought about it....I need to start reloading.
  6. Nice guys but I stopped shooting there when they said that all expended brass is theirs.Really annoyed me I paid for the ammo its my brass if i wanna take it home and save it up in a bucket sell it for scrap or give it to a friend to reload its my brass.Just another way for them to make a bit more money.
  7. All good here.Power flicked twice.Just a few small branches came down.All in all a uneventful storm for me.
  8. Had a tornado watch earlier until about 10 pm winds were real bad with torrential rain here in Camden county.Got pretty hairy for a few but thankfully it expired without incedent.seeing a bunch of warnings for above Burlinton county now.Hope everyone stays safe.
  9. Was in a rowhome basement in Philly,thought the whole row was gonna come down.Didnt like it at all.Lost about 5 gallons out of fishtank.Definatly an interesting day.
  10. I say that whoops I got distracted and left my taxpayer paid for rifle sitting there while I drive away is a pretty bad excuse.Fire his forgetful arse.Pretty important thing he forgot there.
  11. Working on 10 years.Wouldn't trade it for anything.
  12. Can't get away from these storms this week.Storming again in Camden county thankfully no hail.This makes 4 storms in 2 days for me.
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