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  1. I've been using them for years. Kept my motorcycle battery alive for years and when I was immobilized for a long time, kept my car fully charges with no maintenance on my part. Great pruduct.
  2. How do you get the fish to raise their fins up during the holdup with that resperator in your mouth?
  3. Alpine reidents never complained, it was the Closter residents on the Alpine boarder who raised the fuss.
  4. Now I know where Closters Board of Health moved on to.
  5. Bees have a range of up to 15 miles from the hive. Yes they will explore closer to the hive but only during daylight hours when few people are around. Tuck the hive in a quite corner and put a six foot high fence around it. That forces the bees to fly up and spread out and down to return to the hive. It will stop a direct line that could intersect with people.By the way, the honey bee is the New Jersey State insect.
  6. Better check with your town. Some, like my town of Closter have an ordinance banning bees. I know it makes no sense but they only allow 2 hives at the Closter Nature Center and two hives on the town owned McBain Farm. There are several people who keep hives in Bergen County and there are a couple of organizations within the state that promote bee keeping. Try Googling it. If you do start a hive, I would keep a low profile as there is a lot of bad perceptions about bees and most mix up bees with yellow jackets which are a meat eating wasps. Bees don't eat typical food at outdoor cooking but yellow jackets do and do so aggresivly. Bees are pretty passive and only protect the hive if directly assulted and only in a small radius of the hive. Everything benificial that has been said about them is true and we are in dangerously short supply of bees in this area.
  7. Woodbury Outfitters - This site has Federal #510 CJ hollow points for $3.99 box of 50 and Federal #AM22 box of 325 for $24.95. Check ammo, 22's for both rifle and pistol. Orders over $100.00 ship free. http://www.woodburyoutfitters.com/
  8. It has been my experance that the Standard Velocity and the Target Standard Velocity Agulia shoot almost identical. Groups are excellent. You can buy cases of Agulia through Civilian Marksman Program (CPM) if you are a member. Supply is tight now but you can order for future delivery. I have shot around 15,000 rounds of both of these and it is an excellent ammo. Never any lead buildup and it burns clean.
  9. Got a used one last year. They are NJ legal. If you buy a used one with the long tube magazine, it has to be pined. Barrel states to use long rifle 22's so it doesn't matter how many shorts it holds. All new model 60's since the mid 1990's are NJ compliants. Since they have been best selling rifles since the early 1970's, I guess you can say they are reliable.
  10. As a curiosity, in the Bond movie "Never Say Never" he is using a Mauser HSC instead of a Walther PPK. Seems there was some licensing problem since that movie was made outside of the licensed Bond movies. Now the question is, was his PPK a 32 cal or a 380 version. Since he never misses it may be a mute point.
  11. The Marlin 60's have been NJ compliant since 1994. If you do strip it to clean, the bigest problem is getting the bolt recoil spring in without bending it. Better to swab the barrel with some Hoppes #9 and swab a little inside the breech. Oil it up and your done. Very accurate and shoots any long rifle 22 that is out there (check the barrel- it tells you LR only). Besides a model 60, I have a model 75 which is the carbine version of the model 60. After around 15 - 20,000 rounds it developed a feeding problem that maybe I'll address some day. That one was made in 1974.
  12. Any elected asshole can propose legislation. Doesn't mean it will become law.
  13. I don't see how he would be so angry at being forced to reposition himself last week when the study was still gathering information and no direction was established last week. The whole article just sounds like someone trying to pat themselves on the back for accomplishing nothing. Too much hot air going around and too little facts. From what I see, Obama is repudiating New York's over zealous knee jerk reaction in favor of a more balanced approach and putting meaningful mental health checks in place could prove an asset to most of us and our organizations.
  14. Makes a good story but remember our army was not at war with Germany at the time of Pearl Harbor so it was not overseas or unavailable. Probably the logistics had far more to do with it. No fueling depots between Hawaii and the US mainland, a huge land mass to occupy that would have take the entire Japanese army to try and control. The need for more land based equipment then the Japanese army possessed. Those are just a few of the problems of invading the US mainland off the top of my head. Real thought would bring up a hundred more.
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