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  1. He should have started calling the cop "DUDE" like that other clown(forget what state that was in).
  2. OC is not as common as say AZ so most police don't encounter it. They also may not know it's legal.
  3. Does it have to be locked up? I know the ATF considers it a firearm.
  4. I will attempt to find a job but only making a few dollars an hour will just be enough to pay, rent, food, diesel, insurance. Banks are the douces here for destroying out economy. Yet their CEO's will all take home $10,000,000+++ a year.
  5. What i mean is a total crash and breakdown of society just like what the middle east is going thru. Guns will be very important then.
  6. Is it or is it not because on unions? Hopefully i'm not going to be cursed up and down for saying this. I will admit i'm a member of a construction union. At the same time being against public employees being union. They have no competitiion from other contractors like the private sector does. Same classification of worker in different states(not including benifits): per hour NJ $47 PA $28 AZ $26 NV $40 CA $34 ....San francisco and surrounding silicon valley $53 Still beans compared to what pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, POLITITIANS make.
  7. Illegal to have a solid plastic gun thats blue!!! This state realy is messed up. I don't know if you ever saw demolition man but thats what it's looking like.
  8. You have to be kidding. I used to carry a real small folder when i lived there. Dover NJ police stopped me walking out of a bar when i turned 21. Surrounded me and asked a few questions... are you here to cut someone? are you here to cut someones tires? But thats all they said about it. Seem like they were more concerned why a white guy was in dover.
  9. Is there a length limit? What about open carring them? Concealing?
  10. Maybe in trenton? Or picket in front of chis christies house(union tactic)? I could put a blue training glock or banana in my thigh rig.
  11. So they may not like you shooting at old propane tanks? Maybe if you hang them from something?
  12. I consider my life important, so yea it is kinda high on there. It will cost at least $1,000-$1,500 in diesel to get home. If california mans up the solar project i will have a job. I can't be certain there will be one for me in Jersey, but i can stay with my parents and ride the recession out. I got a feeling this is not the end of this recession.
  13. Was this whole FPID thing put in place before they started brady checks? Seems like redundancy. Whats next a permit to apply for a permit?
  14. Could that be 2 spare mags stored in the stock?
  15. I don't know if bankruptcy covers personal loans. I won't loan people more then $5 anyway.
  16. Is this pic in the pine barrens ? Is there public land it's ok to shoot on?
  17. Didn't know trump has one. Howard Stern does. Sylvester Stalone has one(california) and he supports the brady campaign.
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