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  1. If your S2K will fit, this is a good cheap bag with lots of compartments: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020438366 The main compartment is 17" x 10" x 10" so plenty of room for a change of clothes etc. For $40 its tough to beat.
  2. Greg

    Glock 34

    I have a Glock 34 and use it as my IDPA SSP gun. One critical question is what type of competition to you want to participate in? If you want to shoot IDPA and compete in the stock service pistol (SSP) the G34 is a great gun as long as you don’t change too much. You can upgrade sights, do minor trigger work (stock parts) cosmetics and grip work but much more beyond that puts you into ESP or possibly will make the gun ineligible to compete in IDPA at all. Other disciplines have their own rules, so best to understand them before deciding. It is a very popular gun for IDPA for good reason, and I do recommend it. Basically, everything Stu said above is spot on. The longer sight radius along with a relatively cheap cost and availability of cheap factory mags, lots of aftermarket support including holsters/mag holders and overall reliability makes it a popular option. That said, there are now other very good options such as the Q5 Match which in my opinion in stock form has a better trigger than the G34 but no where near the aftermarket support and the mags are almost twice the cost.
  3. I have variants of both. Both of mine have been highly modified. Stock vs Stock I prefer CZ. I do not like the safety/decocker on the Beretta and my Beretta does not have a replaceable front sight, which would be fine if the front sight didn't suck. I would spend the extra money on the M9A3 as suggested above, or step up to the Wilson Combat version. Both of these are much more money than the standard M9. If you want more out of the CZ, Cajun Gunworks is fantastic and can make a standard gun into something special.
  4. One other thing to consider is what features you want on the pistol. For example if you like front strap checkering it is much cheaper to start off with a gun that has that work done from the factory. Same with sights and finishes. most things can be added by a gunsmith, but will cost a lot more afterwards. So a Stainless II looks to be a cheap option, but when you compare it to a TRP, DW or even other Kimber models you see that the higher priced guns come with much more.
  5. The Dan Wesson would be my choice.
  6. I had the same decision and decided to go with an SP01 but have it modified by CGW. This gave me exactly what i wanted for about the same price as a stock Shadow. For example I like SAO triggers so I ordered a SP01 with a safety (no decocker) and had Cajun do an SAO conversion with flat trigger as well as a bunch of other stuff. Mu stepson has a stock Shadow 2 and although he loves it, he does admit to liking my trigger and sights better. Accuracy is very similar between the two.
  7. Greg

    .22 help

    If you have (or are going to buy) a 1911 and want a conversion kit: http://www.nelsoncustomguns.com/ If you want a dedicated .22 pistol, can't go wrong with a Buckmark or Ruger MK 2/3/4.
  8. Build quality on current production 1911's has gotten pretty good. I have friends with Taurus and Armscor guns, and they run fine. They are not the finest finished firearms, but they function well. That being said, if I was looking for a budget 1911, I would go for the Springfield Range Officer. You can get an RO for around $700 which is one of the better "bang for the buck" (no pun intended) 1911's available. They are also a platform that custom gunsmiths will work on if you choose to get work done in the future. Many smiths won't work on RIA, Taurus etc. The other option is to look for a quality used example. I was selling a like new $1100 Colt for $700 with no takers, so there are deals to be found on used guns if you are patient.
  9. I have a 6.5 Creeedmoor Howa action with a 26″ Heavy Threaded barrel in an American Built Arms Chassis. The HACT trigger is much better than i though it would be and the action is smoother than a Rem 700 out of the box. It is the same action and barrel as a Weatherby Vanguard. The rifle is quite heavy even with the light chassis system, but the gun is very stable from a rest and does not beat you up. The other nice thing is that there are lots of aftermarket parts including stocks, rails, chassis, triggers etc. Not as many as the Rem, but still a good amount.
  10. I second the CZ suggestion. Either the Shadow or a SP01. I highly recommend a Cajun Gun Works build. Also, a 9mm 1911. There are many great options available in all pricepoints from Springfield to Nighthawk and everything in between. Considering your collection, a .22 Semi like the Buckmark or Ruger would be a good addition.
  11. Pending date, I'm in as well. Is RTSP honoring memberships for the event? Of course I understand if there is a charge for food etc.
  12. This is funny, I was just think about this very topic.I live pretty much exactly the same distance between the two ranges. I am a member of RTSP and like it there. I almost never have to wait on a port (except weekend prime time) and I like the staff. I have bought a couple of guns there and have taken several guests, all of which have enjoyed the experience. I primarily chose RTSP because it was cheaper, but the price is now going up. The justification is that I will be able to go to 2 ranges, but that is not a factor for me. I will likely not go to the new range, as it is farther and offers nothing over Randolph (as far as I know). I also like the members hours on the weekend. I have gone to TTC as well, and it is a nice range as you know. The biggest benefit to me over RTSP is the 40 yard distance. With the recent RTSP price increase, it makes TTC the same price as RTSP if you chose the RTSP membership with rifle. Both clubs are open to the public, and RTSP does do a lot of rental/new shooter business There have been instances of unsafe practices that i have seen first hand. The RO's do handle it well though. Not sure about TTC on this topic. Bottom line, if you plan on shooting a rifle, i would go TTC, but if not, RTSP will save you a small amount ($75/year) and is a nice place with an option to shoot at two clubs. I still haven't decided
  13. It's a pretty simple design. I would do a detailed strip/clean/assess and oil paying special attention to the gas ports and gas system. I would also replace the recoil spring since you probably don't know how many rounds the gun has seen with that spring. After that, shoot it. See how it cycles, ejects, loads, fires etc. and replace parts as needed. The only other thing is look at adding a limb-saver, the stock pads are not great, especially when they get that old.
  14. I have not. I used to go 3-4 times a year, but nothing would change. I stopped going about 2 years ago when I joined RTSP. I went one winter night to shoot a new revolver, and after freezing through 2 cylinders (I could see my breath it was so cold), I left in disgust and joined RTSP the next day. I never felt the need to go back after that, but maintained my membership until this year hoping for a change. I really hope they get the place fixed up. I like the people, made new friends and always had a soft spot for the place. It just was not worth keeping the membership if i was not going to use the facility.
  15. After 10+ years, i just gave up my membership. I still shoot IDPA there, but I haven't been there for 2 years outside of IDPA as the facilities are frankly lacking at best. They have been saying they would update the facilities for years with no action. This, along with a sub-par air handling system, terrible heat and no AC finally made me quit. It's a shame because the club has great potential, and plenty of interest from local shooters. It's too bad it is stuck in the 1970's. If you are local (as I am) it is convenient, but I found myself not going because i really didn't enjoy shooting there any more. Also, if you check their calendar, there are leagues/clubs 3 nights a week which restrict open shoots to only 2 weeknights. I found myself wanting to go to the range on a Friday after work and not being able to go because of a league. I joined RTSP, and although not perfect and farther from home, I don't freeze in the winter and like going there to shoot with no restrictions of when i can go and the ability to shoot magnums or even rifles if i choose. Just food for thought if you are thinking of joining.
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