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  1. My high school still has a rifle team that travels throughout the northeast to go on competitions. I was part of it 6 years ago. It was part of the marine Jrotc program.
  2. I have the shield in 9mm and love it! It has a great trigger and fits my hand well. Safety is not an issue for me as it is a stiff safety and I can't see it accidentally turning on.
  3. I believe the field instructors do not turn anyone down if you are not registered for field coarse. I remember people showing up to booked field coarse and they said that was their policy.
  4. Not too sure. I would call themMonday morning and check. And I picked up the 9mm (sells out the quickest). The Shield is relatively the same size as g26 but I think .25 inches thinner (disappears in waistband with a tighter fitting shirt). You can even fit it in your cargo pants pocket with no prob or a bigger pant pocket. I was able to fit mine in my jeans back pocket. Also the safety on it is not a problem because it is very stiff to with on. Easy to take off ( similar spot to 1911) I think they have 4 9mms and 5 40's left. The 9mm felt great today. I also have two 8 round mags.
  5. Btw just got back from range. Shield shot great, low recoil, awesome trigger.
  6. $319 is non Leo price!!! Hop on it! They told me there is no Leo package currently. They sell to non leo.
  7. I'm sure you can. Give them a call in morning. I'm sure it'll be no problem
  8. Atlantic tactical $319. They just got 5 40s and 5 9mms. They won't be there long I'm sure.
  9. I was going to pick up a glock 26 today for off duty carry, and then the dealer told me they just got the m&p shield in and the price was $319 (was surprised because I saw these on gun broker for around $600. Felt it and now it's home with me lol. Trigger feels awesome. Picked up an extra mag also. Will be shooting it tomorrow Morning, very excited!Sorry for bad pics. Will get more tomorrow.
  10. Awesome thanks for the explanation maksim, I did not know they used hp's.
  11. Hmm yeah I just took a look and it seemed as If he was using them.
  12. Yeah I thought so too. Pushing me towards getting the glock 23 gen 4 fde I have been thinking about lol
  13. New Glock advertisement featuring U.S. Army Ranger Matthew Martini. "A year ago, he had not really shot USPSA. Now he is a hair from making Master in Production." Thought it was pretty cool. Just sharing, didn't see it posted here.
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