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  1. Such a great org. Ive donated time and material through my company to help build a few homes. I wish I could attend this. The Vets and volunteers are always a great bunch of people to hang and work with.
  2. I have never personally fired one, however I have seen them at the outdoor range plenty of times. My favorite thing about them is the delay from hammer contact to firing and then the delay from the bullet leaving the barrel and hitting the target. Its neat to watch the hammer drop and not hear and immediate BOOM.
  3. Just an idea... Perhaps along with the info sheet you can also get a local range to offer discounted safety courses for first time shooters. They may also be willing to offer a small percentage off of firearms for those from your community that bring in your flyer with their pistol permit or FID.
  4. Us young whippersnappers just don't want to show off by digging so fast Ive also brought 5 or so phone books and duct taped them together then taped a piece of 5' high cardboard to that to staple my targets onto. Its a good dig free option if its not windy or raining. Also, the phone books are fun to shoot at when you get board of the targets.
  5. Last year around this time I went to Ft. Dix and brought a 1 1/2" spade bit on a cordless drill and that seamed to work fairly well. I watched guys really struggle with the post hole diggers that they have there and it didnt look like fun.
  6. I just got 2 mags in from 44mag.com this morning ( took forever to get here). I ordered the NJ compliant disassembled mags as you did. Ive already filled the bottom of the mags with acrylic resin and im going to pin them tomorrow when the acrylic sets a little harder. I surely hope that these are legal to have in a disassembled form! I just did this as a bs project to see if i could do it properly and will not be ordering disassembled mags again unless i can confirm that it is legal!
  7. That looks super cool! Now your giving me ideas for my sks....
  8. Hello everyone! I just wanted to finally say hello. I stumbled upon this site on accident while looking up AR's and after 3 days spent cruising the forums non stop (at work shhhhhh)I thought it was a good idea to join. It seems from what I've read that there are some great and informative people here and also some amazing topics. I look forward to contributing! - Anthony
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