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  1. What’s a good price range for a k98? Not looking for anything fancy, I’d prefer one that needs some refurb.
  2. Hey guys, so I'm looking for a Mosin Crate, haven't found any on the east coast for cheap so I'm just wondering if anyone on here has one or knows of someone selling one of them. Thanks for the help. Also im looking just for the wooden crate, not full of rifles. Girlfriend is open to me making a coffee table but not bringing home a slew of new rifles. Thanks again.
  3. To answer the thread topic: Does a bear shit in the woods?
  4. 15/30 pmags from midwestpx, works fine, only ever been asked about it once.
  5. I have a fresh water tropical, nothing special, just a 5-gal tank with some neon tetras in it. I am moving into a new place and am planning a 35-gal fresh water with live plants and some more advanced fish
  6. I have a USP45C, love that gun, so much fun to shoot, dead on reliable, I have big hands and with a finger plate on the mags it fits my hand perfect.
  7. Normally I keep it in this 18.7 gallon rupture proof tank, I keep it hidden behind the rear axle of my car.... serious note, Gasoline is not a good thing to keep hanging around for long periods of time, goes stale even with stabilizer after a while and it is very volatile as opposed to diesel.
  8. If a confiscation was to happen I get the feeling that a lot of people, "Were just on their way to the PD to report the guns as stolen/missing"
  9. SrA - NJ Air National Guard - 177th Fighter Wing 2A353B F-16 Crew Chief
  10. You can drop it off at any VFW, or if you live in South Jersey you can message me, i'll come pick it up.
  11. How in the shit snacks did you get 7 permits?
  12. I went through that with my first AR since I started during the gun rush. My second AR I am just taking my time with, I haven't even picked out my lower yet.
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