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  1. And expensive. Paper shell only and dumb dress code. Not my kind of place! They are not racist, just "classists" if you know what I mean.
  2. CZ Teal on sale at Cabelas right now! $549.99 https://www.cabelas.com/product/shooting/firearms/shotguns/over-under-side-by-side-shotguns/pc/104792580/c/553829580/sc/105537780/i/104802480/cz-usa-teal-over-amp-under-shotgun/2289337.uts?slotId=2
  3. You answered your own question. The companies went broke, the investors got screwed, but management still got paid. Sucks doesn't it. Lehman Bros. wouldn't play ball with Obumers bailout on our dime, so he let them go belly up.
  4. Your reward will be three hots and a cot!
  5. Belgian malted waffles. There are no substitutions.
  6. Well, my Memorial Day orders are in before Buckedtooth Beaverface comes around with another BOHICA move!
  7. Seems NC is also high on the Libtards destination charts. Choose wisely and good luck!
  8. Few holidays are remembered for their actual creation anymore. Shameful in my eyes. We as a nation owe a debt that can never be repaid. Asking nothing in return, brave souls went forth to preserve what their forefathers had created with the same thoughts and feelings. I wonder what the future holds for this nation, now a bunch of takers and seldom thinking about giving. For those who died preserving freedom, I will say a prayer, remember, and salute you with great honor on Monday. My flag will fly at half staff until noon and then high with honor on this day as always.
  9. Most all malfunctions in SA can be traced to the magazine, start there. Some 9mm PMC suffers from less than stellar powder charges, second point.
  10. The problem was you did not turn the gun horizontal and grab your crotch at the same time. Bet you forgot the durag too! Sometimes you just cannot teach an old dog new tricks!
  11. Welcome OP, glad to have you aboard and join the fight. Don't worry about the Taylor Ham/Pork Roll debate. The "learned", shall we say, on this site realize it's nothing more than pig lips and a-hole.
  12. A lush thick green lawn is a sign of a sick twisted mind! Same as a clean uncluttered desk at work.
  13. Hinterlandoufitters, riflegear, and impact guns all show stock online, have it shipped to your dealer of choice. Your welcome.
  14. Kudos, but get the holster.
  15. I have got a bottle of Knob Creek Smoked Maple, every time I pour a glass I go looking for bacon and waffles or pancakes, yum! Pardon me, I think I'll go pour 2 fingers and fire up the stove.
  16. Jerre's place has always had me wondering. Decent deal one day, OOC the next. Nothing else I can say.
  17. Aced, you had to think like the liberal a-hole that wrote it.
  18. Quarter inch by three inch nylon bolt from HD/Lowes. Cut the un-threaded bolt section to size and install,two bucks.
  19. For a bolt without a break the bank price and adjustable stock and trigger, Ruger American Rimfire,
  20. All Ruger 10/22 receivers are investment cast. All the same no matter the model. Smooth away.
  21. I'm old school (fart) everything. I made Eagle before half this board was a twinkle in their father's eye.
  22. Blackhawk is single action.
  23. Remember you plan is like everything else, one is none, two is one, and three is better.
  24. Smooth out the top inside of the receiver. Casting leaves it rough, impeding smooth operation. Smooth out the bolt edges as well.
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