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  1. I believe it was reported in the news as an expired Nevada registration.
  2. But she is not a "state worker", she was a commissioner. Different game, different rules. Not one of those people ever worry about pensions and medical.
  3. And she will land on her feet, appointed to another government agency making beaucoup bucks with credit for time served so she will collect that pension and free healthcare on our dime for life. There ought to be a law! Right, that don't work anymore because they just ignore them like the true criminals they are. Is the sales tax back to 7% yet Phil?
  4. Hornady has been replacing Amax wirh ELDMs across the product line.
  5. So, he's saying F the poison pill Sweeney and Christie hammered out for the sales/gas tax. I want to see that work around. More lawsuits, more waste of tax dollars.
  6. Hornady 155 bthp, this is the bullet replacing the 168 on the firing line with 9 different propellants available to push it downrange softer than 168s.
  7. Once you start reloading, tailor you loads to the firearm and purpose, you;ll never look back. If you must buy, do it when the price feels right, don't look back and keep going. 22LR "bricks" of 500 used to sell for under 10 bucks not too long ago. I still use primers I bought for $10.99/1000 in 1990, in 2018 dollars that's $20.58. See my point!
  8. Let's put it in simple terms, NJ likes being first in everything, taxes included. Take it from there. No sit up straight and pay attention, resident! Cause Murphy says NJ only has residents under his watch, no citizens.
  9. It will not get cheaper over time. Get a press, roll your own, the only way to fly!
  10. You sir are a Great American. Hopefully you have like minded neighbors. What neighbors used to be, just extended family you could count on. MAGA.
  11. A seven year old cannot possibly understand the issues at work here. Her parents have used her as a tool for their own political agenda. Bad parenting, there ought to be a law, why not, they want a law for everything else.
  12. They extensively data mine other state's databases they are allowed into. Use that info to jam up people traveling through state. They do not give a RA about FOPA. Your in my state with possibly contraband, bend over while I check it out! Outtastaters easy marks for glory medals.
  13. Clint Smith has a good way to deal with Liberals
  14. STAY OUT OF DC. Spend as little time in MD as possible. Consider using I-81 for traveling thru MD to FL (only 12 miles). You will probably cover more ground in less time, no I-95 traffic. NJ to Richmond, VA sucks.
  15. Different, one might add unique!
  16. If all his tax and spend ideas come to pass, he may just kill his own party in the NJ 2019 mid-terms. One could only hope. The real power DemocRATS are not dumb and already are starting to slam the brakes on his train. He will only be a one term wonder, same as all the DemocRAT governors before him. Sorry to say after even more damage is done. I wonder which D state declares bankruptcy first. CA, IL, and NJ are leading the race.
  17. Actually never thought very much of those three mentioned. Their demise came from their lack of good business sense and poor attitude of the staff.
  18. Jim Flynn's Glen Gardner M-F 9-5 cash only.
  19. Us old men have to be very careful when dating younger women in today's society, we could get arrested for assault with a dead weapon.
  20. Your tax dollars at work, covering everybody's butt every day, no days off. A shame the liberals have no clue, nor do they care. Someday they will, but it will be too late. They really have no clue what evil lurks in this world.
  21. T Bill

    New pc carbine

    Who knows for sure. None of the proposed new laws if enacted would change the non threaded PC Carbine's status.
  22. And then the fight started...................................
  23. Cuomo won in 2014 by winning only 15 of the 62 counties. You know the rest.
  24. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Give that man a cigar! BINGO!
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