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  1. Passed Assembly sent to Senate. No Action by Senate to this date. History Date Chamber Action 2018-03-26 Assembly Passed by the Assembly (48-25-3) 2018-03-26 Assembly Motion To Table (Pintor Marin) (49-26-0) 2018-03-26 Assembly Motion To Aa (Rooney) 2018-03-22 Assembly Reported out of Assembly Comm. with Amendments, 2nd Reading 2018-03-05 Assembly Reported and Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee 2018-02-01 Assembly Introduced, Referred to Assembly Judiciary Committee
  2. Don't even get me started about this South Florida democRAT whose district, FL23, sits next to Parkland (FL22). You should remember her from Clinton and the DNC debacle, former Chairperson. Richard Bleumental (D-CT) has got her back in the senate. You know the second richest Senator in the US. When will we ever just start emptying the Swamp.
  3. Both of my Assemblymen voted no, as always, they live up to their NRA rating for what it's worth.
  4. Been running 155 grain Hornady ELD Match and Varget and liking the results over 168 BTHPM.
  5. Their Prospector, a red ale, OMG good. add a few bangers from Alpine Meat in Blairstown off the grill, nirvana.
  6. T Bill

    New pc carbine

    Still waiting for carbine damnit. Hate that Ruger delay, happens every time they release new product. Good luck with the RPCC.
  7. Really more than one? Please re-think that statement.
  8. As Ron White would say, "You can't fix stupid".
  9. There is a giant list of this BS in the pipe. Yesterday was only the beginning.
  10. 36 sponsors not one repub. "Gonna be November to remember"
  11. If any state on your trip will jack your drawers it will Maryland. No nothing, stops, speeding, etc. Just plain stay out of DC If in western SC consider traveling I78,81,77 to Columbia and west. Lot less traffic easier driving.
  12. Seems Delta provided 3 charter flights to shuttle protesters to DC this past weekend. Never again for me! https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/03/25/this-is-what-delta-airlines-did-for-pro-gun-control-parkland-students-after-cutting-ties-with-nra
  13. OK, so what's a vacation without some great beer. Get a growler and on the way down the Caratoke Hwy. (Rt 158) to the OBX stop at the Weeping Radish Farm Brewery, get something to eat, great food, and fill the growler. http://www.weepingradish.com/ Red Ale for me. Pick up some wurst for the grill too! High Cotton in Kitty Hawk, Pigmans and Sooeys in Kill Devil Hills for Q, your choice about the same.
  14. T Bill

    Trigger issue

    "Glock Perfection" another oxymoron.
  15. T Bill

    Trigger issue

    No Sigs break little stupid parts that cannot be purchased. Have to send entire pistol back for repair and wait weeks to get it back.
  16. T Bill

    Trigger issue

    Re-adjust your over travel adjustment screw, It is set too tight to the break point of the trigger. As parts wear, the gap is lessened to where over travel is reduced to point it doesn't allow trigger to 'break' properly..
  17. You mentioned in the fall, peak colors are mid October to mid November. Beautiful time of year there. http://nashvillelife.com/Nashville-Fall-Foliage-Color-Tours
  18. Just get a Ruger Precision, slap a scope on it, and see what happens. Or, get two Ruger Predators and you each have one, probably cheaper! Predator vs RPR testing starts soon, both 6.5CM. I'll let you know. Or just get two Thompson Center Compass by 4/30 with a $75 rebate. Supposed to be under 1 MOA guaranteed. Not bad places to start. https://www.smithandwessonrebates.com/#/home
  19. Really, a 18" barreled cylinder bore SD shotgun with a pistol grip and you want to see if you like trap or skeet? You do know that the closest distance to the trap house is 16 yards to start and you will be shooting 7 1/2 sized shot? I cannot fathom why you think that is OK? They told you no for the same reasons you cannot shoot 22LR at an IDPA, IPSC event. Why you cannot shoot a PCC at a high power event. Not the proper equipment for the sport. If you had a 24" choked barrel (fixed or tubed) and a full size stock, I would say OK, Load singles and we'll give it a try, doubles for skeet.
  20. You live here? Then they already do. Letting you have a few firearms under "special" circumstances helps to keep you in line with your mouth shut.
  21. A bunch of long guns has been dropped for import by Rossi, most notably a good portion of the R92 line which is a Winchester 92 replica. Seems the 45 Colt version is the only thing left for Cowboy Shooters I guess. Rossi, Taurus, and Heritage firearms are sister companies under the Taurus International brand. This also includes Braztech I believe. Taurus makes the Rossi handguns under some type of contract.
  22. Dick's lost market direction long ago. They will join the likes of Sports Authority soon enough. Look at their financials. Now without us, just happens faster.
  23. So get a credit card from another bank. Pretty soon firearms sales will be like drugs sales, cash only, if they have their way. Citigroup, see ya. Guess we will see who else folds. Wonder how long before the board shows that CEO the door.
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